Christmas Angel

Okay, so the thing that has been missing from my holiday season this year is my little sister, Coco. Typically, the week after Thanksgiving I take her to have her picture taken with Santa or, one year, I took her for a formal portrait that we subsequently used for our Christmas cards (before her photos we never had Christmas cards, FYI). And, of course, SHE WAS ADORABLE. CocoHolidayPortrait

That’s a very poor copy of one of her holiday portraits. I know, I know, she’s beautiful. It’s an 8×10 my mom keeps right next to the tv in the living room, so prime real estate. The Christmas ornament with her dressed as Santa had to be placed higher on the tree, my mom said, because she demanded to be in a spot where she could see everyone. That’s our cookie.

But now that she’s passed away, there’s an empty void where once my little snuggles was. Yes, she received Christmas gifts, and cards, and special holiday treats (she loved Boar’s Head cold cuts most of all, especially the ham).  CIMG2884If you were extra quiet, you would even see her snuggled in her bed by the fire because my mom doesn’t believe in turning on the heat. (Her stocking was the one in the middle and was usually the only one that had gifts in it.) I miss seeing her.


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