Marathon Weekend: Hot Runner

Picture 1I’m a really hot runner. I look hot when I run. My face turns red, I sweat like a pig, and that’s before I’ve even turned the treadmill on, so yes, I’m very pleasant to be adjacent to at a gym.

If we were singing about Walt Disney World marathons, we would borrow from that “Arabian Nights” song from Aladdin and say, “more often then not, are hotter than in not-so-good ways.”
If this isn’t your first time in the world, I’d like to have you picture something and just kind of roll with me on this. imagine you’re in a park, or at a hotel (say, the Coronado Springs). Walk around and tell me when you find a nice, shady spot. Go ahead, I’ll wait, because if you’re like me this might take you awhile because despite being completely man-made and planned down to the very last inch, THERE’S NO SHADE ANYWHERE. It’s like someone completely forgot about SHADE and BENCHES when they planned this place out.

Guess what? there’s no shade on those miles of Florida highway either. So, yeah. Good luck with that.

Hey look, the only shade are my shades.

Hey look, the only shade are my shades and yes, it is weird how my body is so big and my head so small. I’m basically giant hips.

Since it doesn’t look like Florida’s miraculously cooling down anytime soon and I run in a tank top when it’s 55 degrees out, I’ve been preparing for the runs by spending more time in the hot, sweltering, stagnant, germ filled air of my building’s gym. Not only is the treadmill lacking in that downward slope that makes me knees fill with pain, but the fact that they cranked up the heat down there definitely makes it a lot more like Florida.

What I won’t be forgetting this year: hat/visor and my favorite sunblock, although really, everyone loves a good marathon tan/sunburn.


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