Marathon Weekend: 1 week costs a month’s rent

IMG_2689For marathon weekend last year we stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside in the Princess rooms because that was what I could get a discount for and as we all know, I’ll go where the discounts take me.

But the Boardwalk ain’t cheap, that is (as my mom would say) for shit sure.

I’m a sucker for the Epcot resort area because it’s a really good idea to have the French ice cream place within easy, quick walking distance of my hotel room as well as a place where I can get a large order of good onion rings.

I do seriously love this hotel, it’s in a three way tie for my favorite with the Yacht Club and the Beach Club. I’m not-so-secretly hoping that they run out of regular rooms and I’m forced to take the villa at no extra cost because then I’d have a washer/dryer in my room AND OH MY GOD THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. I’m serious–this upgrade would be preferable to a concierge level upgrade.

IMG_2690Mostly, I’m looking forward to being able to walk back through Epcot post marathon (you know, assuming I can walk) and cheering on the other people finishing (you know, assuming not everyone is already done). Plus my sister has made it clear that she’s not hauling ass around Walt Disney World to see me run by for two seconds, so this was a good compromise. Plus I saved about $1,000 using an annual passholder discount.

I head there Tuesday night (the 7th) and stay until Tuesday the next week. Last year I left Monday morning after the marathon but after Dopey I’d like a day to sleep until the sun comes up and get my picture with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, and god willing, Dopey.


12 thoughts on “Marathon Weekend: 1 week costs a month’s rent

  1. I’m staying at Sarasota Springs for marathon and Carribean for Princess. We stayed at Animal Kingdom the year before for marathon weekend. I love trying new hotels on property. I stayed at the Boardwalk years ago and loved it. Having all the shops around was great! It is sad I am already thinking about hotel options for 2015 marathon weekend.

  2. We decided to stay off-site for this race…and we were able to save a ton of $…it will be interesting what the experience will be like this time – as last time we stayed at French Quarters…I found out yesterday that I am in the same coral as you (but I am only doing the 1/2 marathon)

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