Marathon Weekend: Merry Marathon

I typically become somewhat despondent when Christmas is over. As a child, I really enjoyed the holidays and used to cry hysterically when they were done–especially my birthday. Even at a young age, I was keenly aware of my own mortality and what better marker of time passing than a holiday?

Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 7.37.10 AMI’ve gotten to the point that my Christmas celebrations are so minimal (I didn’t even bother putting ornaments on my tree this year) that the holiday is now just coming and going without having much of an impact on my life. I had done so little that was festive, I opted to not run and instead spend my time doing our family Christmas traditions–like shopping for food in Brooklyn.

My cousin, who I doubt has ever run a day in her life, started telling me how terrible it was that she ran on Christmas day and I didn’t. I’m looking forward to getting back to running tonight, don’t get me wrong, but in all honesty when I was prioritizing ways to spend my time over the last 5 days, running was low on the list. And I don’t feel bad about that. At all.

The upside/downside to the Disney World Marathon (and before that our January trip to Disney World) is that it’s basically two weeks after Christmas, so instead of becoming upset over the lack of holiday festivities I’m usually gearing up for a trip to Disney. Turned that frown upside down fast. The problem is it means long runs right around Christmas. I’m planning on one more long run this weekend, and then just surrendering to the Dopey gods.

But I am heading into Marathon Weekend feeling no pain and actually feeling excited and let’s be honest, after Marine Corps the most difficult part of running was actually getting excited about it so I’m happy.


4 thoughts on “Marathon Weekend: Merry Marathon

  1. There are a ton of great sentiments here that I absolutely agree with. I am not even close to ready to run at WDW because I’ve been prioritizing family and holiday events over running — not to mention the weather hasn’t been cooperating and I actually had to pound out a few miles on the dreaded treadmill on Christmas Eve because Wisconsin was icy and -14 degrees. But yeah, I’m pain-free and happy to be heading back to WDW so soon after W&D, so I’m trying to focus on that instead of my normal supercompetitive nonsense.

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