Dopey Simulation Accomplished

I’m a big procrastinator. With one weekend to spare, I finally started AND finished a simulated Dopey run. Mostly I did this so I could see how my knee held up and let’s just say the results left much to be desired.

5 mile run on Thursday – easy breezy beautiful. It was just like Cover Girl.

10 mile run on Friday – Great. My pace was at what I’d considered my 1/2 marathon pace–in the 9:30-9:50 range. I did it on the treadmill in a hot gym instead of outside in the crisp, cool air so as to simulate the hell hole that is humid Florida. It went by pretty quickly. Success.

20 mile run on Saturday – Sucked. At mile 6 my knee just completely gave out and when I tried to stretch out a little bit it hurt like hell to even touch. Fortunately, I was doing an out and back on the Capital Crescent trail so if I wanted to get home I was going to have walk at least 6 miles, so might as well just do the whole damn distance. It made sense at the time.

There was much walking because there were also multiple phone calls from family as my sister got engaged while I was out on my run. I did not let this deter me–she would still be engaged next weekend but come hell or high water I was finishing this 20 mile run. Is that insensitive of me? I just can’t muster up much excitement for marriage/a wedding despite my enjoyment of Say Yes to the Dress.

None the less, I accomplished the 20 miler well below runDisney’s pacing requirements even with my hobble so I’m going to say the whole thing was a success. In fact, my last mile was my fastest as I tailed an elderly gentleman who paced me without knowing it and essentially dragged me off the trail. Am I proud of this? No. Am I forever grateful to the gray haired man who made it possible? Absolutely. Now I’m on my 5th episode of Murder, She Wrote and ready to go to bed even though it’s only 8pm.

Also, I’m currently holding auditions for a new Disney travel buddy since my sister will be out of commission with her impending nuptials. An appreciation for Spaceship Earth is nonnegotiable, please respond in the comments if you’re interested.


13 thoughts on “Dopey Simulation Accomplished

  1. How rude of them to interrupt your run by getting engaged! Haha, just kidding, I would have felt the same way though, “that’s great, now if you’ll excuse me I’m in the middle of running 20 miles!”

    Do you think running your regular 1/2 pace the day before 20 miles aggrevated your knee? For the back to back runs (including the actual race) I run the half at a MUCH slower pace than my usual half pace…like a full minute slower just to save my legs for the longer run the next day.

    At least you got it done though, right?!

  2. Fantastic job making it through the runs! And as a sister who has gotten engaged, totally acceptable and understandable to finish the run. After all, she’ll be engaged till the wedding!

    Plus, this may sound MAJORLY creepy since you don’t know me, well, at all, but I definitely need a Disney travel buddy too. I fully support Spaceship Earth, although what’s up with it having lines lately?

    …I swear I’m not a creepy stalker…scouts honor! πŸ™‚

    • That definitely makes me feel better, so thank you for that.

      Anyone who loves Spaceship earth cannot possibly be creepy or weird. I think it’s the fastpass+ system that is doing it, and this makes me very upset, even though Spaceship Earth is WORTH THE WAIT. And whoever travels with me to Disney needs to understand that.

      • I’m still getting used to Judy Dench, but I always enjoyed Spaceship Earth. I don’t know why, but I always love the part when you get to Michelangelo painting the Chapel ceiling…I’m weird. Sorry. But yeah, I think it definitely has to do with Fast Pass Plus. They pretty much force you to do a Fast Pass for Spaceship Earth if you FP+ anything else in Epcot.

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