Marathon Weekend: Dress to Impress (yourself)

If you’re not even bothering to channel a Disney character for your runDisney race, I don’t know what to tell you aside from calling you a poopy head. I’m not telling you to run in some ridiculous get up that completely limits your range of motion and will result in an incredibly painful post race shower, but come on, slap some ears on at least.

Once upon a time, I put a ton of effort into my costumes. Then I got a job and started training for a marathon and suddenly I didn’t have time for costumes anymore. The time had come to go the easy route and if I could put this shit together without sewing anything, surely you can work something out.

My totally bootleg/lazy ass Daisy Duck. IMG_2870

My lazy Goofy: IMG_2872Also in the final stages are Donald Duck and I’m bringing Minnie Mouse back because I am lazy and cannot be bothered getting creative at this point. Plus, I’m going to try feeling out the situation and see how hot it is and adjust clothing accordingly. I have alternate tank tops for both of these outfits and 1 tank in two different colors that I will definitely be using for the marathon because it is my go to tank top for every. single. race. ever.

What’s everyone else wearing?


10 thoughts on “Marathon Weekend: Dress to Impress (yourself)

  1. I love the Goofy costume! It may be your “lazy” version, but it’s totally better than I could do!

    As of right now I’m only doing a costume for the 10k (I’m lazier than you and that’s all I can manage!), I’ll probably post it soon on my blog : )

  2. I just finished tonight-see my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yeah, I’m also worried about the heat. Specifically, wearing the head gear for Dopey. I may have to take it off if it gets too warm. I’ll be a Pirate, Minnie, Goofy and Dopey!

  3. I love that Goofy costume! Not lazy at all! I’m wearing three costumes. One is done and the other two are up in the air at the moment. Must. Finish. This. Week!

  4. I dressed as Vanellope for Wine & Dine and only like two people knew who I was. Which is fine, really. I think I’m reusing that for the 10K but I’m going to be a poopyhead for the marathon because I don’t want to swear superfluous stuff that will chafe me! Am I only a half-poopyhead if I wear a runDisney shirt? OR IS TOO INSIDE

  5. I made a tutu for Snow White but that’s as far as my hand-made creativity went – well, that and cutting the inseam out of a polka dot skort for Minnie. Three costumes (count me in as Daisy for the half) and one marathon outfit.

    I had visions but I, too, have a full-time job and a life to keep. So, good on the folks who’ve been able to find the time to sew / make crafty costumes!!

  6. Ummmm, your lazy costumes rock! (Definitely stealing Daisy one race). You should check out my unintentionally lazy Cinderella that I did for the Disneyland Half. Can’t wait to check out Donald.

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