Marathon Weekend: Must Stop

So, you may or may not be aware that there are characters along the Disney courses, and you may be asking yourself whether or not you’re going to stop for pictures or forge ahead like a serious runner. One factor that will inevitably affect your decision is how rare the characters are. Generally speaking, I’d say not particularly.

Going through other people’s race recaps can help you gauge that, and I knew that if I stopped for any pictures, I was stopping for this one:

Five in one spot!

Five in one spot!

This one was about halfway between the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, after you’ve passed the Polynesian. I honestly didn’t give a shit how long the line was, I wanted this picture bad. I also stopped for this one with Tiana in the Magic Kingdom, because I didn’t have a photo with her or Naveen:IMG_1275As well as the obligatory castle shot because you’re not going to run Disney and not get your picture in front of Cinderella castle.

Who couldn't love this?!

Who couldn’t love this?!

Did I blow loads of time doing this? Yes, of course, but honestly I enjoyed it and the lines really do move pretty fast. My suggestions are:

  • Prioritize what you’d be willing to stop for and what you won’t. This year, I’ve decided I’ll stop for Darkwing Duck and Flynn Rider and everyone else I’ll pass up.
  • Just because they were out last year, doesn’t guarantee they’ll be out this year.
  • If you’re close to the 16 minute mile pace, keep going. Not finishing isn’t worth the pictures.
  • Stop by Marathonfoto’s booth at the expo. They usually put together a map of where characters may be.
  • Be warned, marathonfoto is not at every character stop but the characters have handlers and will take your photo with your camera.
  • Be a courteous runner and offer to take someone’s picture if they’ll take yours. Don’t have someone else take your picture and then leave them with no one to take theirs. That makes you a grade a douche.

15 thoughts on “Marathon Weekend: Must Stop

  1. Last year during Goofy I stopped for a TON of pictures. During the half I really wanted to save my legs for the full the next day so it was a nice break and for the full it was SO DAMN HOT I just welcomed the excuse to stop running anytime I could! I really only stopped for short lines though since I also just wanted the darn race to be over with!

    The way I look at it is we’re spending so much money for these races I’d sure as heck better get my money’s worth! I don’t want to regret not stopping for a picture and I’m really not running for time at Disney races, so why not stop!

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