Eating for Dopey

Typically, if I’m home in my apartment over the weekend I like to plan out food for the week. Since I really only feed myself, I can make one regular recipe of something and then just portion it off for 5 lunches or 5 dinners to get me through the week. If I’m not home in my apartment but rather at my parents’, my mommy does this for me. Yeah, you heard me right, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

I keep forgetting how soon my Dopey weekend is, but when I thought about it I realized that maybe I should like, not eat total crap for the upcoming week before I leave. Just a shot in the dark here, but maybe like some veggies or good, healthy grains? Fruit?

photoNaturally, I pondered these deep questions in Trader Joe’s. You know, the place I usually go to to buy mini pies and pie flavored ice cream. I ended up getting frozen veggies that were already cut up (and cheaper). I made a bag of the “harvest blend,” which in reality could just be called “cheap random veggies we threw in a bag.” I’ll mix that with couscous or quinoa throughout the week and as Emeril would say, BAM, lunch is done.

Then I went for something I haven’t had in almost a year but remembered enjoying: risoatto. It’s risotto but made with oatmeal instead of rice! Get it? I even made it 100% vegan by subbing my homemade mushroom broth for the chicken stock the recipe called for. I added roasted corn to it and although it looks kind of like diarrhea, I can assure it is in fact quite tasty and will make a delectable dinner for the week (it looked a lot better in the photo with the recipe). Plus, I even got green beans and broccoli florets to have on the side.

Don’t worry, though, I’m counting down to my arrival in Disney World where I will again overeat crappy junk food and not look at a vegetable unless it is battered and deep fried.


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