Loser New Year’s Everything

My New Year’s Eve consisted of sitting on my couch in my pjs watching the Twilight Zone after a 4 mile treadmill run. And then I watched House Hunters and just ended up getting really angry with everyone because you know that paint color is an easy fix you f#$king morons!!! And carpet people should never marry/live with hardwood floor people. They just shouldn’t.

Around 10 I passed out, probably muttering to myself, “you don’t need a bonus room.”

Then, at 10am, I headed to the movies in Georgetown and saw Frozen which is now one of my favorite Disney movies and I’m not just saying that because of things I won’t divulge since I guess that would technically count as a spoiler? OH MY GOD NO MARRIAGE AT THE END.

4 thoughts on “Loser New Year’s Everything

  1. Oh I can’t wait to see Frozen! And Saving Mr. Banks! Too bad I totally hate going to the movies…ugh.

    And don’t worry, I sat on my couch last night too. I watched Planes : ) Here’s to us super cool people!

  2. My poison was Say Yes to the Dress. IT’S NOT MY FAULT I FOUND OUT THERE WERE SEASONS ON NETFLIX I HADN’T SEEN YET. And then my roommate was like, “No. That’s sad.” So we went to a bar and I spent 45 minutes trying to convince a guy to leave me alone. I think you did okay.

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