Best Way to Prepare

Sure, running is really important for marathon weekend at Walt Disney World but let’s be honest: the most important way to prepare is your pre-trip Disney movie marathon. What is hands down the best Disney movie?


I could tell it’s because the movie is ingenious, because it’s funny, because she saves him in the end, blah blah blah but that’s not the real reason. On a very deep level, Tangled speaks to me in a way that other Disney movies simply don’t and that’s basically Mother Gothel.

MGI saw this movie in the theater with my parents because I’m a huge loser like that, and my father and I both started laughing hysterically at the song “Mother Knows Best” because let’s be honest, it’s basically a compilation of everything my mother has told me growing up minus her constant refrain about Lyme disease, but with the epic, oft-repeated “don’t come crying” remark making a prominent appearance in the reprise.

(FYI- a friend emailed the other day to say she went to the doctor and learned she had Lyme disease from working in her yard and immediately thought of my mom. Turns out, MOTHER WAS RIGHT AGAIN.)

I loved Frozen, but Mother Gothel just speaks to me in a very personal way. Even the hair is just like her. So yeah, go watch Tangled and prepare to yell out “this is the best. day. ever!” all the time.


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