Adventures in crosstraining: Yoga Class

I went to the Washington Sports Club gym place thing in Georgetown this morning so I could take a Sunday morning yoga class. You know, learn to chillax while I wait for Dopey to start.

I learned that I’m uptight, tense, and impatient. I should really learn to relax and go with the flow.

These statements were prompted by the following exchange, made possible because there were only 2 other people in the room:
*new agey music men on the sidewalk in New York sell whilst playing their lute*
yoga teacher: “okay, close your eyes, feel your chakra… your third eye… infinity… the universe… blah blah blah….”
Me: Eyes. Wide. Open.
yoga teacher: “Nicole, eyes closed.”
Me: Eyes partially open.
yoga teacher: “No, eyes totally closed. Just relax.”
Me: eyes still partially opened.
yoga teacher: “I can see that your eyes are open.”
Me: eyes squeezed shut nice and tight.
yoga teacher: “okay, no, not like that.”

It was pretty funny, actually, and it ended up being a good class because she started with really easy poses and then built up to doing the difficult ones. So it wasn’t just a “hey, do this really complicated thing in a way that will probably hurt you permanently” kind of approach, which I always appreciate. She also gave me some suggestions for hip openers and recovery for after runs.

Then I went and erged for about an hour because I just sort of fell into this trance. I love the rhythm of the erg-the sliding forward. It’s like being in a rocking chair and I easily do it for longer than an hour, unlike the treadmill.

Two days til Disney, people, and I’m feeling relaxed and ready.


10 thoughts on “Adventures in crosstraining: Yoga Class

  1. Haha. Do we have the same yoga teacher? Mine says, “Jill, shoulders.” multiple times each session (I keep them high and tight 24/7-ugh).
    Have a trip/race/time!

  2. Ha! This totally cracked me up. I often wonder what yoga students are thinking while I’m teaching. I have to admit though I’m not so much a chakra/ new agey music type of yoga teacher though…I’ve been known to even slip a Disney song or two into my playlists. (Let it Go was PERFECT for my theme on letting go of negative energy, blah blah blah…)

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