It’s time

Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 9.23.20 PMHopefully, by this time tomorrow I will in the air, getting ready to make my initial descent into the Orlando area.

It’ll be -10 with the windchill in the morning. A co-worker asked me if I’ll be able to walk in, to which I responded, “spent two winters in Minneapolis. I’m good.”

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go (no, seriously, that right there on the left is it. In my defense, my mother bought me the Coach bag even though I hate Coach everything and refused to return it because she said it was a necessity). The laundry is done, my dinner and lunch for tomorrow are packed and ready. I even used a giftcard someone gave me over Christmas to upgrade my seat so I get to board first.

That’s right, I take overhead space very seriously.

If you’ll miss me while I’m gone, visit @paradeinpink on twitter and instagram. No, no live results tracking. If you never hear from me again, just assume I died somewhere on Osceola Highway and go on without me. Hopefully Katherine or Danielle will be kind enough to kick my body to the side of the road and out of the way as they pass.


19 thoughts on “It’s time

  1. Ha! I’ve done pushups mid-marathon before, if I see you face down on the road I am officially up for the challenge of dragging a body behind me until we get to the finish line!

    And I am BEYOND impressed with your packing, I was looking around at everything I was packing yesterday trying to imagine paring it down to a carry on and I came to the conclusion that it just was not possible. My husband takes overhead space very seriously too, he always wants to board ASAP, but I hate being on the plane any longer than I have to, so I wait until the LAST minute to get on, it makes him nuts, so now sometimes he gets on and I just wait to basically be the last person to board!

    • By all means, drag me!

      that’s hysterical! I think we were in high school and my mom was still trying to take advantage of boarding with small children. It’s not bad on JetBlue, but the airlines that charge for checked bags the overheads fill up FAST and of course within 2 days my half empty plan became completely full. What scares me the most is them losing my bag and not finding it in time. I need that stuff fast.

  2. Oh as if I will need to kick you!

    Seriously good luck on everything and maybe I will obsessively tweet you before the 10K or marathon to see if you’re in the precorral area so we can get a few rounds of “Let It Go” in before we run/die

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