The Dopey Challenge

20140113-134929.jpgExcuse me if this doesn’t sound coherent. I went on vacation and managed to come back more exhausted than I was when I left. On Saturday morning I sent a friend a text message while I was waiting for the walk to the corrals, it wasn’t until I had finished the half, showered, and was waiting to be seated at the Captain’s Grill all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet that he responded with, “You are so lucky that didn’t wake me up.”

IMG_2900In many respects, I think that more or less sums up the trip.

It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small. (1st “Let It Go” reference.)

First thing you should know: If you’re planning on going with non-runners, fyi, they’re going to hate you, your 3am alarms, your 8pm bedtime, and your restricted diet by Sunday. You will not be fun or popular to be around, so don’t sell this to people as a “Hey, I’m just going to do a quickie run in the morning then we’ll party all day and night!” No, you will not.

Second, the 5 and 10ks are now officially owned by the Dopey Challenge people. 70% of the participants were people doing the challenge. Good or bad, this is the reality of what Disney has done and the fields for these races weren’t quite big enough to dilute the presence of the Dopeys. The Dopeys shall inherit Marathon Weekend, if you will.

If you’re on the fence about doing the challenge, I would probably leave you with these thoughts…

If your goal is the idea of challenging yourself with the distance alone, or money and time aren’t limitless, go with the Goofy Challenge. It gives you the more substantive part of the Dopey Challenge without the extra wake up calls, meaning you can spend your vacation days actually vacationing.

This was marathon #3, and thus far I’ve never wanted to cry during a race. I wanted to cry a few times during the marathon and starting in Hollywood Studios I was just screaming, “I’M ALMOST DONE!!!!” I think I also responded to someone’s sign by yelling, “YES! YES! I DO WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN!!!” in a somewhat crazed fashion. Everyone’s a little crazy at mile 23 though, right?

Up first tomorrow: THE MARATHON! (And waiting in line for Anna and Elsa in Norway because those two things basically took the same amount of time…)


9 thoughts on “The Dopey Challenge

  1. You did it! Boy do I feel you on those 3 am wake up calls. I did just 3 of them and they were murder 3 days in a row. I’m wiped. Right on about the 5K and 10K being owned by Dopey challengers. It made truly running the 10K, as I did, quite challenging. I still had fun, but had to do an awful lot of weaving around walkers.

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