Anna and Elsa: Or the most traumatic moment of my adult life

IMG_2995It looked like the rain was just starting to let up, perhaps some sunshine was creeping through Thursday afternoon, so I decided to abandon the Babysitter’s Seduction on Lifetime Movie Network and head into Epcot for the evening. As I entered the International Gateway, it occurred to me that the line for Anna and Elsa over in the Norway pavilion might actually be pretty short. The pouring rain might have sent some people fleeing their uncovered waiting area for the indoors. I may have run or walked briskly over there… It’s possible.

I am not sure how exactly I came to be committed to waiting in the hour and a half long line to meet them. My wait can be relived pretty easily through the twitter transcript of my conversation with Katherine.



I know it started when I asked the cast member if Anna and Elsa would be out on the course for the marathon, he said he doubted it, and then closed the rope behind me and said I’d be the last person in for their 5:50 time slot, probably getting to see them around 6:30–how many people were in my party? I felt kinda weird saying “1” but the rope was behind me… I felt like I was committed to this thing. Plus I also kept telling myself I would get out of line at some point but with the passage of time I felt even more invested.

So I waited the entire 1.5 hours surrounded by parents drinking margaritas and aquavit shots as the rest of the family had fun on rides. One father was on the phone saying, “Yeah, I’m here in line waiting for a princess… Can you believe this?” Externally, I was all, “OMG I know, this is insane,” but on the inside I was all, “OMG IT’S ANNA AND ELSA!!!!”

So finally, there I was, NEXT! I went in, I handed my phone to the cast member and my magic band to the photopass guy and… I talked with Anna and Elsa. And then it was over and I saw the cast member leaving with my phone to go talk to some woman in the gift shop. So I ran after her yelling, “Hey, wait! my phone!” I got it from her and was SO EXCITED TO SEE ALL THE PHOTOS OF ME AND ANNA AND ELSA LOOKING LIKE BESTIES BECAUSE I WAS GOING TO BE THE THIRD SISTER!

Only to realize she hadn’t taken a single damn picture.

For you non-Disney people, there is an unspoken agreement–you hand cast member iphone/camera, cast member takes pictures with iphone/camera. CAST MEMBER BROKE A VERY IMPORTANT SOCIAL CONTRACT! By the time I realized what had happened, Anna and Elsa were on break back in the castle and I was left in the Norway gift shop ready to cry and unable to let it go. I lost my shit on a bench in China in the dark.

All that remained were the photopass pictures, which are $12.95 a photo and Elsa kinda had a case of bitch face. HAPPY ENDING TO THIS STORY! I went to get my free Disney visa card picture, but when I went to pick up the print with my voucher they said they were having technical difficulty so I’d have to come back the next day. I said I would be gone and the old man behind the counter said, “well, if you want, I’ll let you pick out whatever picture you want.”

“CAN I HAVE THE PICTURE OF ME WITH ANNA AND ELSA?!?!?!?!?!” I think I really shocked the man with my exuberance and slight tinge of desperation. He printed it for me and even gave me a Frozen border around the picture! I was sooooooo happy!


17 thoughts on “Anna and Elsa: Or the most traumatic moment of my adult life

  1. I REALLY want to meet Elsa and Anna while I’m there next month for the PHM but I don’t know if they’ll still be there or if I can talk my husband into waiting an hour and a half + to meet them for 30 seconds. I love your pics though! Elsa kind of does have a resting bitch face. It suits her.

  2. Awwww, man! I’m obsessed with Frozen and wanted to catch them during WDW Marathon weekend, but couldn’t get over the line! My sister is insisting on seeing them during Princess Half weekend…we’re running the 5K as Elsa and Anna, haha. Glad you got your picture, looks great! 🙂

  3. NO WAY!! I would say that CM should be fired but I don’t want to be a complete jerk- maybe move them to a different dept. They are so not worthy of character handler.

    I don’t even want to imagine what I would’ve done. An hour and a half?! You are a much better person than I for all of that! I’m SO glad it worked out in the end.


    Honestly I’m just super mad that both times I was in the Puffin’s Roost shopping Anna and Elsa just GLIDED PAST ME AND SMILED THESE BEAUTIFUL SMILES AT ME I just looked at them stupidly and DIDN’T HAVE MY CAMERA READY TO GO (because why would I BUT YEAH DAMMIT)… Elsa’s cape brushed me both times and I still think I might have secondhand magic powers…

    I’m so glad you got those pictures, though, for serious. REPARATIONS!!!

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