Adventures in Yoga: The Freaks

I keep trying to give yoga a chance and it keeps messing everything up.

I headed to the Washington Sports Club after work for a 6pm yoga class. Since I’m waiting til I have no knee pain at all to run, I figured I have to occupy my time somehow and my 1 month trial gym membership runs out next week so might as well take advantage while I can.

It was empty when I arrived with a different teacher this time who seemed like she was on some kind of upper and possibly drunk off her ass but she was peppy and didn’t talk about third eyes and chakras and all that crap so whatever.

It was going okay and then this guy shows up late and of course his feet invade my personal space. Bad enough. One really good reason to never go to a yoga class is the whole foot thing. Runners have nasty feet, but we don’t make you look at them and shove them in your face.

But THEN it turns out he’s a BREATHER and he wasn’t. even. doing. anything. I mean, he’s just standing there while everyone else is going through the motions making no noise and all I hear is him, BREATHING. Between the breathing and the feet it was a miracle I didn’t just run out of the room screaming, never to return to a yoga class ever again.

Am I the only person who doesn’t have these kinds of problems with yoga?


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Yoga: The Freaks

  1. Yoga changed my life. I had chronic back pain for YEARS after two back surgeries. After the first month of a regular yoga practice, I am absolutely pain free – a place where I never ever EVER thought I would be in my lifetime. Yoga is the reason that I could run again.

    Yeah, it has it’s weird things (breathing and third eye among them) but it certainly has it’s benefits. And yoga after long runs – there is nothing better.

    I say: don’t give it up just yet. Have you tried “power” yoga or vinyasa yoga? Those are my favorites. 🙂

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