2014 Plan

The Dopey induced exhaustion has subsided a little bit, and with that monkey off my back I’m starting to think about what my goals might be for 2014.

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 7.47.10 AMThere’s the professional stuff that’s incredibly boring. I’m very ambitious until I remember my DVR is full and I need to catch up on Days of Our Lives. Despite thinking a little bit about working on my dissertation again, and not strictly in the context of nightmares, I can’t bring myself to commit to it (or to speaking to my advisers). Let’s just say I’m a big bridge burner.

RunDisney and I are on an official hiatus for 2014. Because Wine & Dine falls the weekend after the NYC Marathon, I won’t be participating this year. Instead, I’m going to start saving towards doing the runDisney race in France whenever they finally announce it. That will be a 1-2 week trip to Europe and if I want to do it (and do it the way I really, really want to) I’ve got to start saving up (money and vacation time) now.

As far as running goes, I don’t know. I love the half and I know I want to go under 2 hours. My current 1/2 PR is 2:04 and I honestly don’t think I’m going to be able to break the 2 hour mark, but I’m only too happy to consciously try breaking things.

I have three half marathons currently on my radar for the spring:

  1. The Nike Women’s Half in DC (April 27)
  2. Brooklyn Half Marathon (May 17)
  3. Superhero Half Marathon (May 18)
  4. Unite Half Marathon at Rutgers University (April 8)

I really want to do the Rutgers one. I went there for graduate school (master’s not PhD) and it’s on the New Brunswick campus, which we all know is THE BEST CAMPUS IN THE WHOLE STATE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY SYSTEM!!!! Considering our competition is Camden and Newark that’s not saying much but whatever. A friend of mine runs it and if anyone could verbally abuse me and pace me to a sub 2:00 half it’s her. ‘Cause she just rolls out of bed and does that.

Party. Right there.

Party. Right there.

The Superhero is hands down my favorite half and it was also my first half back in 2012. I was supposed to run it last year but felt like staying in bed since it was raining and I’d run the Brooklyn half the day before. Last year I vowed to do the double header, so while Brooklyn wasn’t my favorite half ever (even though in the photos I look like I’m having an AWESOME time), I still want to do them both back to back. Plus, I think Brooklyn’s a good course for a PR since the last 6ish miles are straight and flat to Coney Island. I’ve registered for all of them except Brooklyn (registration opens January 22).

I’d also like to row in the spring and maybe participate in my first REGATTA because nothing makes a marathon sound mundane like participating in something called a regatta. But realistically, it won’t work with my schedule so this is like snowball’s chance in hell that it’s going to happen.

But who the hell knows. I could get distracted by a shiny object in the next 5 minutes and completely change my entire life. It’s happened.


27 thoughts on “2014 Plan

  1. I think as long as your knee cooperates you can totally run a sub-2 half! A big part of it (for me at least) it getting lucky enough to get the right race and the fight conditions (no crowding, good weather…), I totally shocked myself when I ran under 2 hours, I wasn’t expecting it at all!

    I’m torn on runDisney races for 2014, I keep saying I want to take a break and save some $ and do other races, but at the same time I really do love them! To be honest though I don’t have much of a desire to do the runDisney Paris race, if I’m going to go to Europe for a race I’d rather it be one of the big established ones, there are so many great ones to choose from!

  2. I’m taking a break this whole year, but then rD won’t be at the top of my list whenever I’m healthy enough to sign up for my next half. I am tempted by that Tinkerbell medal, but there are other races I want to look at as well.

  3. I’m running The BK Half and Nike Women’s as well. I need a serious break from Disney, but who knows? I still need to do Tink and Wine and Dine.

  4. I signed up for that Fitness Half in Central Park in April that you told me about as well as a half marathon in Wisconsin over Memorial Day weekend (because I usually visit my family in Wisconsin that weekend anyway). But now I want to do the Brooklyn Half too even though that’s like two weeks before the Wisconsin half, where I ran my best time of just under 2:04 last year. I mean, do I have more of a chance of going sub-2 if I sign up for more races, or will I just burn out and be mediocre at all of them?!

    Re: possible Paris race, I was telling my boyfriend how awesome it would be, and he was like, “Why don’t you just run the Paris Marathon?” Hmm. Good point.

    ALSO I AM SERIOUS ABOUT DISNEYLAND. I wanted to take a break from runDisney as well, but I miss California a lot, and suddenly I really want that Coast to Coast medal…

      • I just preemptively took two days off in late August for Dumbo purposes … JUST IN CASE. Also flights are currently surprisingly affordable. ALSO. Someone audibly played “California Dreamin'” out loud on the subway today and at first I was like “well that’s a cruel reminder that we’re in the midst of a blizzard” but then I was all “IT’S A SIGN.”

        Also the Brooklyn Half is the week before the Madison Half, not two weeks. BUT STILL. TEMPTED.

      • I THINK THAT’S GOD. Just like God was sending me a message when a Paris episode of House Hunters just came on.

        Do the Brooklyn 1/2–it’s not bad for a PR since at least 1/2 is not crowded and is just a straight shot down Ocean Parkway.

  5. I had wanted to do the Superhero half too, but I’m not because I’m doing the Brooklyn Half and I don’t think I’m ready for the doubleheader yet…that and I have NO idea which superhero I would dress up as.

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