I should probably run but… eh.

I should probably go out and run at some point but I’m feeling a total lack of motivation right now. The refrain, ‘you’re fat, slow, and lazy so why bother?’ may have crossed my mind a few times. My mother informed me that I looked emaciated, to which I quickly responded, “It’s not possible to have fat rolls and look emaciated, mother.” So I more or less spent the weekend binge eating and feeling like shit.

And then my friend called and wanted to do something and accidentally mentioned in passing that she hadn’t seen Frozen yet. I think my response was something along the lines of “12:15, I’ll meet you at the theater!!!!”

The downside to seeing it in the movie theater the second time is that I wanted to sing along and do the accompanying hand gestures to “Let It Go.” This, coincidentally, is why I hated seeing Dirty Dancing in a theater a few years ago–no room to dance along and it was kind of frowned upon. My friend kinda wanted to distance herself from me when I started singing along with the chanting at the beginning and then when we first saw Hans and I started hissing, “OH MY GOD THAT HANS IS SUCH A DICK!”  But then the movie continued and she was like, “No way, this Hans guys seems great!” And then he pulls his dick move and we both had our mouths hanging open and were like, “OH NO HE DIDN’T!”

Then we wandered into Barnes and Noble and I generally don’t make a habit of buying books, especially brand new books, but I couldn’t resist it when I saw it…I might have squealed. It’s possible. A quick search on my phone revealed that the DC public library didn’t have Hollow City (shocker) so I bit the bullet and bought it. It was totally worth every last damn dime. Let’s just say it’s about a bunch of Elsa-like kids who are peculiar and unique and INSANITY ENSUES.

I read reviews of it online and for some reason people are saying you don’t need to read the first to read this one but I’m calling bullshit on that claim-you have to read the first to fully appreciate this one. It’s kind of based on these strange photographs that are throughout the book but honestly I think it can stand on its own without the photographs.

I’m not a totally illiterate person since I left grad school where I read 6-7 books a week, all of them boring, all of them academic, but I’ve found it tough to find things I enjoy reading (especially once I was done with Mindy Kaling’s book) so I loved seeing this book and once again staying up all night and reading. It was kind of just what I needed. Books can put me in a really good mood… Until a house elf dies and then it’s just tears and sadness.

What’s everyone reading?



5 thoughts on “I should probably run but… eh.

  1. It’s fun that you wrote about “Frozen” and books because all I did this long weekend was go to movies (“Frozen” again, which I already mentioned to you, and “American Hustle” and “Her,” which were not as good as “Frozen”) and then I had some freelance work to do as well as some work for my actual job but did I do it? No, I spent the rest of my nonmoviegoing time reading the entirety of “The Interestings” by Meg Wolitzer, which totally derailed my plans to have a “productive” weekend because it was so good and I HAD TO FINISH IT. Also, I had to tweet you and Jenn about Disneyland. And “Frozen.” #obsessed

  2. I am almost always reading a book, but right now I’m stuck in a sort of limbo…we are going on holidays in a couple weeks and I’ve been saving my books for that. Fortunately I just ordered a couple new books from Amazon that should be here any day now. Tomorrow is the release of the latest in my favourite series, Tim Dorsey’s Serge Storms. Hilarious, manic, lunatic Florida crime (and lots of Sunshine State insanity). Can’t recommend him enough…Florida Roadkill is the novel to start with.
    I just finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy which I started because my daughter was reading them…I actually quite enjoyed it.

  3. That was me last week when friends and I went to Cinemark’s classic series, the Princess Bride. What do you mean I can’t quote the movie in here?? I just started reading the third book in a mystery series that I like called The Paris Affair.

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