I think we can all agree that Snow Days are basically god’s way of saying: Don’t do anything today. Of all the days of the year, Snow Days are the ones where it’s 100% socially acceptable to never get out of your pajamas and to eat a constant stream of junk food instead of actual meals.

This mentality probably explains why I spend so much of my life overweight and inactive. But it’s 8:15 at night and at this point, I mean, changing out of my pajamas would just be pointless.

In my defense, I did put my folded up running clothes next to me on the couch like I had every intention of changing into them and then going down to the treadmill but first of all E! was showing Saved By the Bell (Malibu Sands Beach Club episodes), I had so many episodes of Law and Order DVR’d, and then there was the news that Sami’s leaving Days of Our Lives, so basically my day was very full without ever actually doing anything.

I found a new training plan online for a sub 2:00 half that has actual mile times to train at, which I think will keep me more accountable and focused than if I was just slacking my way through the miles. I even cut out some strength training routines from some magazines as I was cleaning out and seriously considered doing them.



22 thoughts on “Slacker

  1. Your comments beat me to it…was just going to say that I’ve noticed a whole bunch of really good FREE plans on the Runner’s World site. I liked that they give you paces to run at, sure makes it straightforward.

  2. Haha, I totally agree! I’ve just been sitting in the house looking at all the snow (although shoveling is a workout, right??!).

    What training plan are you using for sub-2 hour training? I’d like to start following one to try for a spring half PR.

  3. Wait… Nike is our sub 2 hour half marathon. You promised to drag me across the finish line. I need a sub 2 hour to use as my proof of time for the rest my fall Disney races.
    Move it!!! Let’s go!

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