The Trifecta

Today was kinda my first day back doing anything. Let’s just say I’m a big fan of milking the marathon for all it’s worth. I even took the elevator to the third floor at work instead of the stairs and mentally justified it by saying “but I just did a marathon” even though taking the stairs always gives me a smug sense of superiority over the elevator people. And I have so few things I can feel superior about, you know?

Aside from a half assed yoga class last week (because let’s face it, all I could focus on were the feet of the breather in front of me) and a particularly sloth filled snow day, who do you think got in strength training, stretching, AND a run? That’s right: I strength trained in the morning, I ran in the evening after work, and then I stretched by doing a pre–bedtime yoga video.

To top it off, I said to myself, “Let’s not try and kills ourselves on the run. Nice and easy.” So naturally, I interpreted nice and easy to mean put “Let It Go” on a loop for the last mile and do it at an 8:06 pace on the treadmill. It actually didn’t feel terrible until I got off and wanted to throw up. Now there’s a speed workout.

As I sat dry heaving on that weight lifting bench, though, I realized that I’d run three miles and my knees hadn’t bothered me. I was a little tight in the hamstrings (hence the stretching) but otherwise I felt good. Not a totally terrible start to the spring season (yes, as far as I’m concerned winter is over and it is now spring time).


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