Stupid Strikes Again

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 9.11.34 PMPeople like to talk about their really good decisions. How they think things out, come to reasonable conclusions. I like to call this segment, “Stupid Strikes Again,” because as my mother will tell you, I’m always doing stupid things.

As a public service announcement, I said I did my trifecta of strength training/running/stretching on Wednesday but FYI, you might not want to spend your first day out of your sloth induced coma like that unless you want to be like me and wake up in the middle of night with your legs killing you and two days later still walking funny every time you have to get out of your chair.

I don’t know if it was the strength training or the “I know, I’m gonna run my fastest mile in 3 months on the treadmill after not running a week” decision I made that evening. Neither one seems to have been a good idea retrospectively.

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 9.04.47 PM

Early 2000s crimptastic. But I was totally on top of this trend in 1988.

Kind of like when I was 5 and I begged my mother for a hair crimper. (FYI, apparently you can still buy a crimper and people are buying them and using them. I don’t know where they buy their acid wash jeans, though.)

So there you have it. Stupid struck again and hopefully someone else can learn from my mistakes.


8 thoughts on “Stupid Strikes Again

  1. Haha, I feel like this makes TOTAL sense. I mean after a week or doing NOTHING you want to just jump in and make up for that lost time and are bound to over do it!

    And I went to yoga the other day and am totally sore, all I could think was, “this is ridiculous, I just ran 48.6 miles! How am I sore after yoga?!”

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