I always hated feet

It still doesn’t work. I did a 2 mile run on Tuesday and while my foot didn’t hurt during the run, I definitely felt the affects afterward. Now I just feel cranky and annoyed. All I want to do right now is go outside and run. That’s all. It’s a been over a week since I hurt it and I feel that’s adequate time to heal. It’s still discolored but not swollen anymore.

And instead of making me content to wait a little longer, the 2 miler made me want to run more. To breathe in the nice cold air and just zip along; happy to be moving. First the IT band and then the foot thing; I just miss that feeling of moving without being in pain, of trying to push myself without worrying if I’ll suddenly be unable to walk.

I’m suddenly rethinking whether or not I’ll be able to do anything to try for an under 2 hour half marathon. All those other people bragging about their great runs and how fast they are and how wonderful their workouts are can just kiss my fat injured ass.

I’m trying to let it go, Elsa, but it’s never been in my nature to let it go.


11 thoughts on “I always hated feet

  1. I feel your pain 😦 my ankle is still swollen, bruised, hurting…and per the MD no running for a few weeks.

    It makes my heart hurt, and my eyes tear up.

    And I’m also super cranky.

    Heal quickly! I think you will still make your goal, this is just a bump in the road. A stupid bump. But, just a bump!

  2. This sucks. I was hurt most of January last year too and it kills you not being able to get out when that’s all you want to do. I was sick the last couple days and when I did go for a run it was really shitty…I felt the cold more yah I usually do and felt tired the whole time.

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