Slight deviation from the norm

A lot of people are very upset if the runDisney merchandise sells out before they get there. I’ve been okay with that, and actually have an extra Dopey magnet that I can offer up to anyone who did the Dopey and wasn’t able to get one. Solidarity with my dopey brethren. Anyway. Generally speaking, I haven’t really liked the merchandise–last year I remember there being a lot of fun things (like my “it takes character to run a marathon” shirt) but this year’s slim pickings made it easy to resist spending a shit load of money. Thanks, Disney.

Fast forward to the best park in the world, Epcot (yeah, Disneyland, you heard me right, you can kiss Epcot’s ass) and that store by Spaceship Earth Art of Disney. My sister decided to surprise me with a little something that we saw and that showed up in my mail yesterday! Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 7.44.48 AMNaturally, if you have artistically inclined friends they could do this for you and do it much more cheaply (the drawing was $40). It says “Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge 2014” in left corner and has an “EPCOT” stamp on the bottom left. Also available were running Minnie, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy drawings. I suspect it was one artist who did these–the samples were only out when he was working and went away when someone else was. IMG_3136With the Disney frame it came to $70 but my sister just got me the drawing and said last night, “Go to Home Goods and pick up something cheap.” Either way, I like these a LOT more than the stuff runDisney was offering and to be quite honest, they were priced the same way. Shipping is $9.95 and you need to a wait about a week after ordering if you want to pick it up in the store.

Aside from the medal, shirt, injury, and exhaustion any favorite race souvenirs?


10 thoughts on “Slight deviation from the norm

  1. This is a fantastic idea, and one that I’ll emulate at my next Disney Race. Also, I to thank you for your amusing, amusing blog and particularly note the satisfying way in which you use profanity. Some people can’t roll it out well, but you most certainly do. (And I say this as an English professor — so I’ve read a lot of writing with (and, yes, without) profanity.

  2. I am perplexed at the rush for runDisney merchandise. I always check it out and I never like it. Moreover, it’s junky quality and not worth anywhere near the price they’re charging for it. I figure I’m already paying for a race shirt I probably won’t wear that says the name of the race on it. Why buy more? I’d rather go to a regular store and buy something to run in that doesn’t turn me into a walking advertisement for runDisney.

  3. I totally looked at the same thing and sort of regret not getting it! I agree, I never like any of the runDisney merchandise and usually only get a magnet and a pin. I sort of wish they offered some generic runDisney (non dated, non event specific) options too.

  4. I’ve only shopped at the merchandise booth once, and that was for my first half marathon, Princess 2012. I like the shirt but I certainly wear the race shirt more, and with the great quality shirts from January, I’m wearing that one all the time.

    • January’s shirts were amazing. I can’t believe I’m saying it’s amazing that they got shirts that actually kinda fit and don’t feel like brillo with random seams all over the place. If I were champion, I would’ve been incredibly embarrassed by those old shirts–I know they didn’t inspire me to buy any of their clothes.

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