Lies I tell myself

Today’s lie: I’m going to join a training group!

I keep toying with the idea of joining a training group at one of the DC running stores. You know, where they have three weekly runs including some tempo work and long runs. I said I’d do it for the Marine Corps Marathon and then I signed up for rowing… And I again toyed with the idea today of going to an information session on Fleet Feet’s training program for the Nike Women’s 1/2.

But then I woke up Sunday morning and was like, “wait, I’m going to be out of town this weekend… And then there’s like, three days I can’t run because I have other stuff… and my foot still hurts…” In short, I always come up with some reason why I shouldn’t and realize I’m really just not a joiner.

I wish I could tell you this was the time I decided to actually act on this and signed up and I’m confident that I’m going to have a really great half in April but yeah, no, I stayed in my pajamas all day, consumed too many calories, and watched a marathon of Hawaii Life on HGTV. Pineapples grow in people’s yards in Hawaii=mind blown.

So I’m curious to know: anyone ever join one of these groups and actually really enjoy it?


21 thoughts on “Lies I tell myself

  1. yes, I joined my local Fleet Feet group run on the weekends. I go when on days I’m not racing, or…injured. In the spring they start the weekly training at the track that I am really thinking of trying too. It can only help right? I actually look forward to group run days.

  2. I joined a group last year. Here is my pros/cons list of joining a running group:

    Pro: Sometimes running can be boring and having others around can help you think about something other than the miles you have ahead of you, how bad you have to pee, or your irritated IT band.

    Con: If all of your runs are with a group, you miss out on alone, in-your-head time.

    Pro: Running with a group exposes you to people outside of your “circle.”

    Con: You can meet some weird people when you venture outside of your “circle.”

    Pro: Committing to a group will force you to get in your runs (you don’t want to let others down).

    Con: There is guilt when you don’t do a run (you feel as if you let others down).

    Pro: Group running can force you to push your pace, if others are faster.

    Con: Group running can slow you down, if others are slower.

    Pro: An interesting, funny, or intriguing group member that likes to talk can make the miles fly by.

    Con: A boring, self-centered, cranky group member that likes to talk can make the miles crawl.

    Pro: It is safer to run with others.

  3. I have joined a group in the past and had a mixed experience. I met my buddy O out of it (which was fantastic), but the rest of the folks were a bit intense and always do 10 and 1 run to walk ratios, which messed me up big time. I’m tempted to try out a different group in the spring (all these groups are a 20 plus minute drive to get to), in the hopes that I might find some people I like that have similar paces and approaches…and are hopefully single, handsome and male! Haha!

  4. I’ve joined two groups, but have yet to run with either of them because my schedule never meshes up with theirs. Hopefully when it starts warming up and I start running outside more, I’ll be able to join them for a few.

  5. I have never joined a running group but feel the same way. It would be a nice way to push myself, bud I don’t really want to commit to something like that more than once a week. There’s to many other things to do. Like sleep. I have never heard of that show but I have become addicted to Buying Hawaii. I think it’s on the Travel Channel. Warning though. It will make you hate your life.

  6. I told myself that same lie a couple/few weeks ago! OK…maybe it was a month. I don’t know, I always feel like I need a running buddy more than a group. Running with one person can offer a lot more flexibility (but still force you to run). I of course would need to find a running buddy who wouldn’t mind maintain a snail like pace with me.

  7. I don’t do running groups because I had nightmare experiences with them in high school and college when my team would go run. I find it’s much better to talk with runner friends about what we did and no one feels inadequate.

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