Those who can’t run, register.

What do you do when you’re stuck on your couch and you can’t run?

You register for races, duh.

This is totally logical. I received a flyer from Pacers, A local DC running store advertising their St. Patrick’s day 8k. The 8k is one of their weird idiosyncrasies. For some reason, in downtown DC they can’t quite squeeze in those extra 2 kilometers to make it a 10k but can’t quite bring themselves to take it down to a 5k. I’d love to do the GW Parkway race because you can’t go for a run in DC and not see 20+ people wearing one of those race shirts, but unfortunately Metro won’t open early for it so it’s only accessible by car.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Metro?Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 8.31.08 PM

So instead I signed up for the St. Patrick’s Day 8k. I’ve never done a St. Patrick’s themed race before. My family hails from Brooklyn and before that Italy, so for most of my formative years I was under the impression that no one said “Irish” without book ending the word with “drunken” before and “bums” afterward. (My grandmother’s a sweetheart; you should hear her in a Chinese restaurant.) So let’s just say we weren’t really big on St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

But looking over the ad, the date worked and it seemed like it would be fun, plus I could use a coupon for $5 off, their site doesn’t charge a registration fee (I’d like all other races to learn that), it was in DC so I wouldn’t have to schlep out to the VA ‘burbs for the race, and they supposedly do great races.

That they are partnering with shake shack and you could get a free shake that day was not a contributing factor. At all. This is a healthy living blog where I tell you how much I love esoteric food and how quinoa is really actually amazingly delicious and I don’t think it tastes like dirt AT ALL. Mmm, are those lentils I smell cooking?

If you want to sign up, because the idea of me, Shake Shack, AND running is all just very exciting to you, the code 14SPDMLER and is good until 2/14.


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