Is this supposed to be torture?

I started doing some reading on strength training per everyone’s suggestions. I looked through two books in particular, Strong Curves by Bret Contreras & Kellie Davis and The New Rules of Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler.

As usual with picture books, I flipped through and looked at the pictures and I was basically terrified, which is bound to happen whenever anyone says “strength training” near me. These are taken from some of the sample workouts in Strong Curves:

Things have names like “Barbell American Hip Thrust” and “Half-kneeling anti-rotation press.” This is in stark contrast to my experience with yoga, which sounds much more magical and like a fantasy novel with things named “dancer” and “half-moon” and “tree.” I don’t know about anyone else but I like the sound of “triangle pose” more than “barbell high box squat.” Yeah. And basically it just looks like antiquated torture.

So basically, I think what I’m saying here is that strength training needs better marketing?

Anyway, I’m taking my book down to the gym in my building and doing the workouts that only require dumbbells (apparently that’s the technical term, not “hand weight things”) on Wednesday for my first try.

Reminder: I’m giving away a copy of Frozen and right now the odds of winning are really good.


2 thoughts on “Is this supposed to be torture?

  1. Haha, some of the movement names are pretty awful, I agree. They’re not so bad, though. Just focus on your form and you’ll be fine. If you need to use a lighter weight than they recommend to maintain form, do that – it prevents injury. From one former weights-hater to another… it will be okay! Just don’t let it go… the weight, that is…

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