Hindsight is kind of foggy

IMG_3053I remember on Sunday night after the marathon I was thinking, “never again will I do the Dopey Challenge. It was a one and done thing. I CAN RACE NO MORE [like that].”

But then the exhaustion kinda fades after a few nights of sleeping past 2:30am.
And, back in your office, you realize you would rather be sitting in the Captain EO theater than in that hell hole.
20140113-134929.jpgYou walk through stores and hear songs playing that you heard four mornings in a row while sitting in your corral and you’re like, “Whoa, flashback!”
And you start thinking, maybe it wasn’t so bad. I mean, sleep is for when you’re dead, right?
And think of all the great memories you have from those races… and how you almost forgot you limped the second half of the marathon…
And then you start discussing the fragrant aroma of the Yacht Club lobby…

And somehow, you start to think, “You know, it was actually pretty fun… I was always done in time for breakfast!” Before you know it, you’ve got the day registration opens marked on your calendar, the vacation days requested for January, the spreadsheet prepared, and you’re all set to be Dopey again.


8 thoughts on “Hindsight is kind of foggy

  1. Haha, I have to be honest I’d probably do it again. I think it’ll depend on the price difference between Goofy & Dopey, but I’ll most likely do one or the other this year.

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