Holy shit, how’d I do a marathon?

I finally got back out running this week. Wednesday night it was 63 degrees out and how can you have that kind of weather in February and not run? If you’re out in DC and you see someone really badly dressed out for a run, it’s probably me. I couldn’t be bothered giving a shit so I just wore one compression knee sock on my formerly injured foot and one regular sock on the other. Take that, matchy-matchy black ninja looking runners.

I decided on two miles. Just get through two miles. I just did a marathon (kinda), how hard can 2 miles be?

It felt like death when I hit the 1 block mark. My legs are like cement blocks, my lungs like those balloons you blow into but they never seem to fill up. Basically on my way back I waved good bye to any hope of getting a sub-2:00 half this spring and just resorted to praying I can get through the 4 half marathons I have scheduled in April/May.

But guess who did her first ever strength training workout yesterday?!?!?! No, not me, I bailed on it. But I’m really going to do it today. I swear. And this time I mean it.

So I beg for your help: How do people come back from say a month off of running?


12 thoughts on “Holy shit, how’d I do a marathon?

  1. I’ve been having a terrible couple of running weeks, too! If I feel crappy when I run today, I’m just going to walk. And then I’m taking the rest of the week off. Hopefully that won’t happen, but ya gotta roll with the punches, no?

  2. I think the lack of motivation is going around. I went out and did hill runs on Monday and did something to my quad. It still hurts today and it’s Thursday. There goes my mojo. I feel ya!


    Also how was it 63 degrees in D.C.?! It was definitely warmer in NYC this week, but that means, like, barely 50 on a couple of days. Not fair.

  4. I’ve been struggling too, this winter has been so hard to keep up with any sort of regular running schedule! I had really been hoping for a PR at my half in March but no way that’s happening…looking for an April/ May race now to try to train for!

  5. My runs in the Glass Slipper Challenge…well, they were definitely a challenge! It takes so long to build up to a certain level of running and then you lose it soooooo quickly. Stupid running! :/

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