Eh. I’m not dazzled.

I’m going to go ahead and say this: I already have a superhero race on my calendar and I can honestly say #smashthehalf is not going to #smashmywallet so thank you, runDisney!

I think that my primary “meh” reaction to this race is that it seems to have no basis in the Disney that I know and love. There are no avenger characters in the park. No ride. No beautifully themed land. Honestly, it sounds like something that should be at Universal and I think this is why a Star Wars race would’ve been a better choice–at least it’s something that has a presence in the Disney universe and for that reason I’m cool with doing a great (less expensive) superhero race right here in my backyard.

I’m curious what people think about this…

Also, congrats to Danielle for winning the Frozen giveaway! It is currently snowing in DC, so yes, Elsa knows how to make an entrance even when it’s just a digital release and I can’t wait to get home and watch Frozen.


15 thoughts on “Eh. I’m not dazzled.

  1. I think it’s a good change – there’s a lot of princess and female-specific stuff going on already at Disney. This is gender neutral, so that’s cool. But I’m with you, Star Wars would have been freaking awesome. They extended Star Wars weekends this year so I thought there might have been a chance they were having a Star Wars race in May 🙂 wishful thinking, though. I like the Avengers idea. Wish it was in WDW, but at least Cali is getting some more races.

  2. I WOULD HAVE LOST ALL MY SHIT AND HANDED OVER ALL MY MONEY IF IT WAS A STAR WARS RACE. Though, like I said, the thought of running in Florida in May makes me want to die.

      • I’m fully aware that Disney owns Marvel but I feel like those characters have been affiliated with Universal for so long, while Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm is more recent but they’ve had Star Tours and Star Wars Weekends since forever (I know not forever but still). I mean, I guess it’d have to be a WDW race rather than DL. But it makes so much more sense! DHS is already such a race-friendly park (see: the entire W&D course). Not to mention that STAR WARS IS AMAZING AND THE BEST and the Avengers can suck it.

      • EXACTLY. I get that they own Marvel, but I think that they don’t OWN Marvel. There hasn’t been a Marvel weekend or Marvel tours. This crap’s not even in the parks it’s totally unrelated.
        And I like my runDisney races to be legitimately Disney themed otherwise wtf I’ll just go run at home for a lot less.

  3. Yay! So excited to be able to watch Frozen in the comfort of my own home over and over and over and over and over and over! Putting it on my iPad may actually make the treadmill bearable!

    And an Avengers themed race does nothing at all for me.

  4. Hahaha. I just finished a very lengthy post of my reactions to this. I did the theme, but I can’t see what will make it stand out from the other DL races.

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