How to not go to Disneyland

ImageThere are ways to keep me from doing a Disney race, and I found a new one this weekend. My mother mentioned that I wanted to do the Disneyland 1/2 marathon to my dad, who responded that he wanted to do a road trip and drive up the California coast. “It’ll be great, we can end in Disneyland and you can go to the race!” Initially, it’s tempting because I could save a shitload of money this way if my parents agreed to pick up the tab on the hotel, so the cheapskate in me was pretty excited about this.

And then I went with my father to CVS and realized that if I couldn’t handle 20 minutes in the car with him and a drive thru, there was little hope that a drive along the California coast would be even remotely feasible. Then, later that afternoon, I heard my mother pull up in her car behind me while I was out for an 8 mile run and start yelling, “THAT’S ENOUGH! LET’S GO! STOP RUNNING!”

It was at that moment that the cheapskate in me reassessed my options and came to the resounding conclusion that although I wouldn’t pay as much financially if I went with them, I would most assuredly be paying in much more painful fashion and emotional capital is tough to come by these days.


13 thoughts on “How to not go to Disneyland

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! You have no idea how much I can empathize with this…although it’s not so much my dad as my mom. Surviving a 10 minute phone call with her is tough enough, but hours in close quarters with no where to escape? Yeah, the cheapskate in my wouldn’t stand a chance in this debate.

    Maybe they can still do the road trip and meet you in Disneyland, that way you’d still get the hotel without the cost of your sanity? Tell them you don’t have the vacation days or something for the extra part of the trip…

  2. My parents are talking about maybe coming down to AC to “cheer” for me and my friends next month during a half. I say “cheer” because I can already hear my dad commenting on my form (or lack thereof) and my mom crying because she gets so emotional, baby. So yeah… we’ll see.

  3. OMG. As much as I desperately want to play devil’s advocate here and convince you to come run the Disneyland Half (with meeeee), I have to side with you on the, er, “emotional capital” thing. It reminds me of when I convinced my parents to take Marcus and me to WDW right after Christmas a few years ago when I was working a job that basically gave me no vacation time except a week off at Christmas. That way I could spend time with my family and still go with my boyfriend to my favorite place. What could go wrong? (Answer: everything. Basically everything.)

  4. Hahaha. My mom has come on two travel races with me. Once to Vegas and once to DisneyWorld. On one hand, it’s nice because she picks up more than her half of the tab. On the other hand, I get seriously self-conscious about every dollar I spend. I feel you on the give/take.

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