Art of Art of Animation

Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 8.16.40 AMPerhaps you are currently getting ready for runDisney race registration season and debating where to stay when you do the Tower of Terror 10 miler or the Wine & Dine half marathon. There is no contest that my favorite hotels in Disney World are the Epcot area resorts, especially for the Wine & Dine half because you can just walk back to your room from the World Showcase after the race. But this is not economically feasible, especially if I go more than once a year and putting my money towards a full week in January at the Yacht Club, which is currently what I’m doing.

So when I can’t be found on some turn of the century seashore, I will most likely be under the sea at the Art of Animation hotel in a Little Mermaid room. An overview of Art of Animation should include information like this:

  • The hotel is broken up into family suites (Cars, Lion King, and Nemo themed) and regular rooms (Little Mermaid).
  • The resort is less than a 10 minute walk from Pop Century.
  • It’s an easily navigable hotel and not the labyrinth that some value and moderate Disney World hotels can be.
  • Under the water in the Nemo pool, you can actually hear the “big blue world” song and Nemo characters talking (and I wouldn’t want to be the creepy person making this video under the water but you get the idea).
  • Landscape of Flavors has consistently gotten good reviews as one of the best food courts in Disney World-but you can’t get kids’ Mickey waffles here.

The Little Mermaid rooms are where I’ve spent my time, and after seeing photos of the interiors of some of the other value hotels I can say with absolute certainty these are the most adorable hotel rooms in Disney World. If you’re going and you want 100% Disney theme everywhere you go, these rooms are amazing.

Price Breakdown:

  • Art of Animation is the most expensive value hotel on Disney property.
  • Disney rarely offers discounts off Little Mermaid rooms; though I have received a AAA discount on the rooms in the past.
  • Room discounts, when applicable, are for family suites and range from 10-20% (AAA, general public, and passholder being the most deeply discounted) and are sometimes limited to a particular theme. For Wine & Dine weekend, Disney is currently offering AAA discounts on only Lion King rooms, for example.
  • If your party has 4 adult guests, it can be cheaper/equal in price to book 2 little mermaid rooms and get 4 regular beds instead of 1 normal bed, 1 pull out, and 1 murphy bed.
  • At Disney hotels, if you have more than 2 adults per room you’re charged $25/night per additional adult. This applies to the Little Mermaid rooms but not on family suites.

As a race hotel, I stayed here for the Tower of Terror 10 miler and walked over to the Pop Century with no problems. The line for the bus was short, the walk over was quick and easy, and all in all it was a good experience.

Long story short: I love Art of Animation, and I still want to steal the room furnishings. This is probably why they put cards in the room saying missing items will be charged to your credit card.


12 thoughts on “Art of Art of Animation

  1. I actually have wanted to stay here and looks waaaaaay nicer that the other value resorts! I was just watching a special on the WDW resorts (the Destination American channel is doing Disney all this week) and this was one of the hotels that was a focus. Looks great and the pool sounds pretty awesome.

  2. We used to always stay at the values but had decided a few years ago that we had enough of them…the extra money spent on the resort is well worth it now that the kids are a bit older.
    I doubt I would want to go back to a value, but AoA looks nice and may change my mind one day.
    I’d love to try an Epcot resort one trip when Michelle and I don’t have the kids with us…and you can be damn sure it will be during W&D!

  3. Is the $25 per additional adult a new thing? I stayed at an All-Star with Marcus and one of our friends a few years ago and the price for three per room was the same as two adults. (I booked it online with no discounts and did price comparisons between two and three adults before booking to see if it was advantageous to ‘hide’ one of us … not that that would even be possible anymore with MagicBands and Magical Express and what have you. Also we were all hella broke then.)

  4. I’m looking at hotels now for TOT and W&D. I think I am going to do a value resort for TOT so I can splurge and stay on the Boardwalk for W&D. I want to be able to walk back to my hotel after that race.
    I was looking at Pop and AoA for TOT. You have sold me on AoA!

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