Run to it

There are lots of songs out there that people love to run to because they have these really fast beats that fill you with the desire to make those miles your bitch. I’m pretty sure not many people would think to throw Blind Melon’s mellow, hippie dippy “No Rain” into that category.

So maybe that song doesn’t make you want to attack the miles and make them your bitch so much as it makes you want to hug the miles and give them a bouquet of wild flowers, but bear with me on this.

Does this song quite possibly have the best music video ever? I think that is a pretty strong contender, even with Footos: the Fresh Fighter permanently imprinted on my brain and, of course, “Sabotage” (though the award for best run in a music video is not even a contest and goes to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Under the Bridge“).

Whenever I hear the song I’m transported back to a flower field behind my aunt’s house during the summer of 1993, and when day after day starts blending together because it all looks well, grey and covered in crappy looking snow, suddenly finding a field on a beautiful day where everyone is wearing tutus and dancing in the flowers seems like the most amazing thing EVER.

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 8.52.21 PM

Yes, exactly, like that.


8 thoughts on “Run to it

  1. It is hard to top a music video which is a spoof of a mentos commercial (they are the fresh maker after all)…but this song and video are awesome. Every Halloween I want to dress up as the little girl, but then never do because I know I couldn’t do her justice.

  2. I always loved this music video.

    I have a lot of songs on my running playlist that I’m sure many people wouldn’t want to run to, but they’re usually Disney songs, which spur memories of Disney races, give me warm feelings and make me want to keep going.

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