Dopey Challenge Training

Registration for the Dopey Challenge opens next month (April 16th if you’re a Disney Vacation Club and/or Annual Passholder and April 22nd if you’re just the “general public”). Naturally, given the rate at which Wine & Dine sold out, you may have started already weighing your options and tried deciding what you want to register for.

I think the Dopey Challenge can be summed up in two photographs:

If you were wondering, yes, I am running Dopey again next year. This is going to be a tough month for me because I learned that my employer hasn’t been withholding state tax from my paycheck like I thought they were so I owe the District of Columbia a shit ton of money, but nonetheless I’ll make it work financially.

After my initial meltdown about this, my parents, as I sobbed uncontrollably about the fucked-up-ness of working in the center of US government down the street from the IRS and yet PAYROLL DOESN’T TAKE OUT ALL THE TAXES, suggested I not register. The line went silent and I said, “this is not an option.” So yeah. I was kinda hoping they’d offer to sign me up but… no dice. This pretty much kills my glimmer of a dream that I would do Coast to Coast this year at the Disneyland 1/2. The dreams… they die so young…

IMG_3080So DOPEY. Yeah, it’s exhausting. It requires a lot in terms of training and it falls around holidays where people just want to eat and have fun and not get up at the ass crack of dawn to go run. It’s cold, potentially snowy and icy, and can at times be downright inconvenient but the upside is that you get to spend a lot of time in Disney World just as the winter blues are making you completely miserable. Always look for the silver (or in this case, golden?) lining.

If you’re curious how much a Dopey excursion could potentially cost you, here’s where you can find my breakdown of what the weekend cost me (ignore the part where I say I’m not doing Wine & Dine…). Of course, there are lots of places you could cut and save, the most obvious being the hotel, but it sure as hell ain’t a cheap trip if you just take into account the registration fees which have gone up to $530 before you add in registration fees.

I have already started a new spreadsheet, the hotel is decided upon (YACHT CLUB–I can already smell the lobby!) and the saving has commenced. Unfortunately, unlike last year, I won’t be putting any tax refund towards it…


12 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge Training

  1. Ugh Nicole I’m FREAKING OUT ABOUT DOPEY EXPENSES because money is so terrible right now … one of the people I freelance for never gave me a 1099 and stopped responding to emails after I repeatedly asked for one, so I haven’t done my stupid taxes; I have these stupid mounting medical bills; and I just spent over 400 stupid dollars on Broadway tickets for when my parents come to visit me next month. Broadway was going to be my treat, but I might just ask them to chip in because I didn’t realize it was going to cost a bajillion dollars to see Carly Rae Jepsen be Cinderella.

    • holy shit. Dopey really doesn’t come at a financially opportune time AT ALL. It’s tough to make the $500+ purchase on a good day, and lately it hasn’t been a good day financially in AWHILE.

      I say medical bills necessitate the parents paying for their tickets–if you want to see anything that isn’t 1/2 off you gotta chip in. What do you look like, Nelson Rockefeller? Thankfully, my parents don’t appreciate any of the arts.

  2. I’m sort of torn on this one still, I have a feeling I’ll end up doing Goofy, I’m not sure the 5k & 10k (not to mention the 4 early mornings!) are worth it.

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