Running Etiquette

This recently came up:

I’m festering with rage at these people. Seriously? You couldn’t hold it until you found a trashcan? You couldn’t put it back in the pocket you were already using to store it?

You know, I don’t give a shit what their excuse is. Especially in a race, throwing their gel pack on the ground creates a danger for the runners behind them. Dumping their water out onto the road and tossing their cup into it is also dangerous for the other runners around and behind them. And that’s not even bringing up the people who are going to have to clean up after you otherwise known as volunteers.

I pride myself on this PR: I have never ever missed the trashcan in a race. Never. Not in a marathon, not in a 5k, 10k, or half, either. That’s right. And I don’t even pass by them when they’re practically empty so it’s easy to get it in.

There’s some kind of tacit understanding among runners at races that they can act like animals because they’re running. Hey, listen, I don’t give a shit what you’re doing–you don’t pee on someone’s lawn that they maintain as a part of their home, you don’t toss you shit gel packets on the ground where someone can slip on them and they make a mess, and you get that damn cup into or as close as possible into the trashcan.

Keep it classy, runners.


5 thoughts on “Running Etiquette

  1. I have missed a trash can before. What’s sad is I had slowed to get it in… I did pick it up. I have never understood the issue to people… Great little outrage blurb. Kudos

  2. AGREED. There is really nothing worse than stepping on someone’s Gu Chomp or getting gel smeared on your shoes because PEOPLE CAN NOT FIND A TRASH CAN. RAGE.

  3. I always go for the garbage can with gel wrappers and try my best to do the running layup with the cup into garbage can. I do leave my banana peels in the middle of the road though because of the comedic value tied to it.

  4. Running through water stops always makes me apprehensive because I always think I’m going to slip on a cup and twist my ankle or some such. And I HATE slippery Gu packets on the ground. I’m not a fan of Gu or any refueling liquids or gels because of the taste/consistency but I also hate them because they’re basically hazards on race courses. I have missed trash cans a few times but I always yell “sorry!” even if there’s no one there. It makes me feel a little better about it.

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