That Magic Moment

There’s that great moment where people say to you, “I’ve heard about you running and I saw a photo of all your medals on facebook the other day! You inspired me to run! If YOU can do it, I can do it!”

And at first, you’re like, “Yeah, that’s right, I’m INSPIRATIONAL” and then you think about it…

And the tone they said it in starts to sink in…

And the facial expressions they used register…

And as you process this, you’re like, “Wait, what?”

And then finally you’re like, “oh yeah? well, fuck you!”


7 thoughts on “That Magic Moment

  1. I was hella excited and proud after finishing my first two marathons so I put some quick posts up on Facebook, despite hating the fact that all people do on FB is congratulate themselves and brag about their workouts. Even though a ton of people said a lot of kind things to me, I decided to stop posting about races/running in general after someone I went to grade school with said something along the lines of how I must’ve been in “the back of the pack” because I was “always one of the last ones to finish the mile in gym class.” And they were all jovial about it, like I would look back on that fondly or something.

  2. well, I’ve never been inspirational in the proper sense, or the insulting sense…that being said, if you want, I’ll kick their asses for you. They’ll never even see it coming!

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