The Week in Running

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 1.49.50 PMThis week, the best run was the 4 miler but NOT because it was short, but because I did the run Saturday morning and had some pretty awesome company for it. Lindsey was in town and agreed to join me for a run and then there were bagels and there was talk of food, and it was delightful.

I’m seriously considering offering to fly her down to DC regularly so that I don’t have to run outdoors alone anymore.

It was a good thing that run happened on Saturday because that basically makes all the other runs look boring and stupid and meaningless. I will say, I finished my third week actually following a training plan and I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to do this before I completely lose interest in it and start thinking, “fuck it, I’m doing my own thing” and accidentally acting like I know better than Google. No one knows better than Google. NO ONE. It’s impossible.


6 thoughts on “The Week in Running

  1. I need a running buddy too. I like getting into my own head, but performance wise, having someone out there to push you is helpful.

  2. What training plan are you following? I’m trying to put together a good plan for myself, I’ve been so darn lazy about running recently! (And I feel like I should know this, but what’s your goal race this is for??)

    • I’m doing the runner’s world just-barely-break-2-hours-without-a-second-to-spare plan.

      I actually have no idea what race it’s for… I’m thinking Nike or Brooklyn 1/2 if you’re looking to pace a slow person who will whine most of the way.

      • Haha, you WAY over estimate me, I’ve only broken 2 hours twice and both were the same “without a second to spare” plan you’re using!

        I’m looking for something May-ish to train for a PR, I think that should give me a good amount of time to train.

      • I think Brooklyn is sold out but the Superhero 1/2 in NJ is fun and they redid the course so you only have to go up steep hills once instead of twice. It’s a like a lower budget version of what Disney’s Avengers race will be!

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