I’m feeling so many feelings right now

I know getting annoyed at the whole runDisney change of policy regarding packet pick up seems kind of silly and ridiculous. The part in bold is brand spanking new:Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 4.18.39 PM

I understand why, to a lot of people, this sounds reasonable, but as someone who’s always been picking up another person’s packet (my sister’s) this is just ridiculous and if anything, will stop her from registering for runDisney races. Her vacation days are limited and she doesn’t want to spend them standing in line at an expo when she’s not big on running events to begin with, and I can understand that, which is why I take the extra day and go down before she gets there to pick everything up.

IMG_2421 Expos can be really exciting, especially when you’re a newer runner and it’s your first big race. I personally got over expo excitement pretty fast. It’s usually the same vendors, the ones I’m interested in rarely (if ever) offer any kind of substantive discount that induces me to shop right there and then, and to be perfectly honest the crowding makes me real cranky real quick. The aisles get crowded fast, the tiny booths get crowded even faster, and I honestly can’t be bothered even attempting to try anything on.

But I get it, the expo is how runDisney makes more money. (I’ve heard from one vendor that some spots on the floor in January cost around $10,000+.) So now runDisney is channeling more people through an already crowded expo.

If runDisney were making any changes to their packet pick up policies, I would’ve like to see them add the option to pick up my packet at my hotel if I were staying on Disney property. I would even pay an extra fee for the luxury. If anything, I was hoping runDisney would acknowledge that this is a vacation for a substantive part of their runners/customers and would make an effort to make things easier not harder for people who travel in from out of town (or state or country) for their events.

runDisney-LogorunDisney can change their policy all they want to, it’s their race, so they make the rules.


The more I think about this, and the way they did it without notifying anyone who had already registered for the races, without an explanation as to why they were changing it, the more I become enraged and filled with nothing short of wrath. I don’t give a shit how much someone pays for a race, you don’t take people’s money and then go back and change the important policies after the fact without giving your customers some recourse.

I don’t give a shit what the reason is, and if you dare tell me that it’s because of Boston and concerns about terrorism, I swear to God I will fly down to Disney World just to smack Mickey Mouse in the big fat fake plastic head myself.

I have a little over a month to keep thinking about Dopey, but the more I think about it the more I want to say “fuck it,” save my money, and do a different race somewhere else. I can handle a lot of stuff, but the way runDisney blatantly treated their customers like dirt in this situation is unacceptable and I find completely unjustifiable.


13 thoughts on “I’m feeling so many feelings right now

  1. I think it’s Disney’s way of stopping people from selling bibs. If they wanted to do that, they could easily offer the service. Instead they left people to do it on other methods and the ability of people to pick up others bibs was where the sale of bibs had a loop hole.

    • It’s fine if they want to do that. They should do a bib transfer system like Marine Corps Marathon does.

      The issue I take is not so much with the policy itself, because fine, it’s their race, but I don’t think they should be making that kind of change after people have registered with the understanding that they would be able to have someone else pick up their bib.

      • oh I definitely agree – anyone registered for the races already opened should have been grandfathered in and then the next race open would start new policy.

        And allowing for bib transfers would truly cut down on bib sales. I doubt that there are people who are registering for the races to hope to make a profit on their gamble. Its the people who don’t want to lose money on the deferrals.

  2. It was very wrong of them to drop this on people after they’d registered and made travel arrangements. The bib thing is just one more in a long line of things they’re making more difficult. I feel like Disney is making the wrong changes and not caring about customers. I’d love to see some backlash on this, but I feel like Disney customers have the same attitude Disney does, which is…you’re lucky we’re allowing you to pay money for this privilege. Give us more money so we can cheapen the experience even more. The customers just say, “Okay.”

  3. It bummed me out too. I’m not currently registered for any upcoming events, but at tinker bell my sister picked up bibs while I went upstairs to the expo – it worked for us and saved so much time due to lines. I also agree that dropping the policy on people who already registered is totally unfair and seems so un-Disney. Blargh!

  4. I totally understand your concerns. It’s unfortunate that the selling of ‘illegal’ bibs has now come to this from rD. I do agree, bib transfers within a dated expiration would be most beneficial to all runners. While we all have good intentions to run these races when we register, it’s now 9 months out from the date of the race. So much can occur in a person’s life that can prohibit them from attending….job changes, pregnancy, family crisis etc to name a few. While a deferral is nice to the following year, it’s not always possible. I myself just sent an email at work trying to secure my January 2015 vacation dates. Seems pretty ridiculous eh? In any case, I have heard that bib pick up on race morning is always available if you can’t get to the expo on time. You should check with rD to ensure it’s available on your race day to confirm if your sister can’t make it on time. I would hope that applies to the night races as well, such as Wind and Dine. Unfortunately, as long as there is this demand for rD races, selling out months in advance, rD can really do whatever they please.

  5. I agree that the unacceptable part of this move was doing it for races that people have already registered for, for some people this really does make a big difference as to whether they will be able to do the race or not.

    runDisney is especially hard because you need to register so far out and like someone said about things can change – and yes you can defer, but it costs like $75 AND you can only defer to the same race the next year. A lot of runDisney’s moves have been very frustrating recently.

  6. This is one runner who won’t be doing rD events because of their attitude. Disney is supposed to have good customer service, so why are they letting rD get away with it? I get it for races starting with future registrations, but not back dating it and making it a requirement for already sold out races.

  7. I understand the policy but think it should have been started with a race that hasn’t opened registration yet so those people could make the decision of whether or not they wanted to register based on the new policy. It is very unfortunate that they are putting this policy in place for races that people have already signed up for. I can certainly see why one would be frustrated over this.

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