IMG_2163I’m typically more or less happy doing the exact same thing all the time. As a child, it was just that I like the comfort of routine and predictability. As an adult, there are added benefits, like I see it as a wise decision. New restaurant–What if I spend that money and those calories and it turns out I don’t like it? New running route–What if it goes into an area I’m unfamiliar with and I can’t find my way home and I get injured and I’m just stuck out there?

But lately I’ve found my mind wandering more and more to going somewhere I don’t usually go. Last year I spent a week in Bermuda that, despite the hotel being Bates motel-like in nature thanks to fact that it was pretty much empty and the rooms were without televisions, was actually really nice.

So, I’ve started pontificating where else I might like to travel and naturally what better way to travel than to do it so you can run a race at the same time?! I hear this is a great way to see a city.

I really want to do the Big Sur International Marathon. Bad. It falls at a terrible time when I could definitely not get off work, but it’s high on the list of if-I’m-running-in-CA-again-this-is-it races. I got a postcard from the race’s booth at the MCM expo in October. It’s been front and center on my fridge for almost 5 months now, and I keep looking at it–then I go up a hill and I think, “no *wheeze* freaking *huff* way *gasp*.”

Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon. The medals are done to look like different famous racehorses, you pass horses on the route, and I’ve heard it from a good source that it’s a really great race. Unfortunately, given where I live, Kentucky is close enough that a flight there is ridiculously expensive  but far enough that a drive is a loooong way to go. Damn West Virginia. It’s on my list, though, since I am a lifelong lover of horses and oh my god it’s just horses, horses everywhere.

Flying Pig Marathon. I hear really great things about the Flying Pig Marathon. I have no conceivable reason to go to Cincinnati, like none, but instead of a finish line they have a finish swine.  Instead of corrals, they have pig pens. But again, like the Bluegrass it’s that perfect distance of being close by plane, far by car, and no one really wants to go there anyway on a regular basis that makes airfare so damn expensive.

Also on the list are some Florida races that I’ve never run because they fall close to the Disney marathon or because they’re just at difficult times to take vacation. One is the Key West half marathon and the other is, of course, Space Coast. It’s on the list because I would love to run it not as an astronaut but as, who else, Jeannie.

I considered the Chicago marathon lottery but I just don’t know if I can handle being in the same state as deep dish pizza. It’s just so wrong on so many levels.

Every time I watch Jaws I’m reminded that I really wanted to go to Cape Cod and have never been to Boston. So, I’m currently contemplating the Zooma race on Cape Cod in the fall but Zooma sounds so much like Zubaz it’s slightly off putting. Is that weird? That’s kinda weird. Also, I mean, sure I could participate in another race in Boston but… I mean… you know… Would it be the same? No. So I’m saving that for when hell freezes over and I qualify for Boston.

Where is everyone else running? Maybe I’ll make it out of the Disney ghetto this/next year!


15 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. I have wanted to do Chicago, Big Sur, Flying Pig and NYC….but everything is an expensive trip from the middle of Canada (about $500-$600 avg for flight alone). Twin Cities Marathon is also supposed to be gorgeous…and could be one I see myself running one day.

  2. I’d love to do Space Coast, the MCM, the Air Force Marathon…the list goes on. Someday maybe I’ll be one of those 50 staters, but right now I just can’t afford the travel very far. I think driving one state over to AZ to do one might be do-able in January.

  3. If you can’t get to Big Sur because of work, what about the Big Sur half on Monterey Bay? It’s in mid-November, and that one is on my bucket list.

  4. Big Sur is on my bucket list too. Actually, any California marathon … San Francisco, Los Angeles … the hills would murder me but the lack of humidity is very compelling!

    I also want to do a marathon in Europe. Paris, Rome. Also, the Loch Ness Marathon in Scotland looks really cool. I have not done a lot of research on running internationally … I assume the easiest way is to go with some group? Who knows.

  5. Big Sur is way at the top of my list too, it looks amazing! I’m actually really interested in doing an international/ European race, I have no idea how to narrow it down and choose though!

    And you should TOTALLY come to Cape Cod! It’s a little slower in September since the busy season is really only July & August, but September is gorgeous! PLUS if you do the Zooma race there is also a Craft Brew race THE NEXT DAY in the SAME TOWN! http://www.craftbrewraces.com/capecod/ (Unfortunately I have a wedding to go to the night of the Zooma race so I’m not sure I’d be able to make it back to do the brew race too : (

  6. “Wanderlust” is a Flogging Molly song. Therefore I am unable to fully comprehend your post because all I can hear in my head is DO YOU STILL WALK THE STREETS AT NIGHT WITH THE WANDERLUST YOU FIGHT BACK TO THE CORNER WHERE WE WENT OUR SEPARATE WAYS???

  7. I ran Chicago last year and highly recommend it. There is waaaaay more support on course than the WDW Marathon (non-stop spectators, never a break in the wall) and it is a very flat course.
    I’d love to do Key West for no other reason than I love going to Key West.
    There’s always talk in my family about going over to Scotland for the Edinburgh Marathon…my cousin did it last year and my Mum is from there. It would be fun but I imagine there would be some brutal hills.

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