Fall Marathons

Once upon a time, this was when everyone I knew was freaking out about what college they would attend in the fall and thinking about getting in and getting acceptance letters, or rejection letters, and what was their back up plan if they didn’t get into Princeton blah blah blah.

Now, it’s kinda the same scenario except instead of what college you’ll attend in the fall everyone’s like, OH MY GOD WHAT HUGE FALL MARATHON AM I GOING TO RUN?!

Marine Corps Marathon sent out notifications yesterday and so congratulations to the people who got into that (especially Jenn who is going to need a strong support group so we are all going to be her cheering section for her first ever MARATHON). I’m not one of them but that’s cool, ’cause you know, life’s not always fair and Shirley Jackson taught me to be very skeptical of lotteries in general unless they’re the scratch card kind because those are amazing.

NYC Marathon sends out their rejection/acceptance letters next week so everyone pray that you get in and can run it with me because it’s going to be amazing and I’m not just saying that because I’m going to have the best Beastie Boys playlist ever playing in my head for the whole damn run.

Chicago Marathon just opened their lottery! Because despite being the earliest of these three races apparently Chicago is not just one hour behind in time zones but also in getting their registration shit together. I try not to judge you, Midwest, but sometimes you make it incredibly difficult. Spoiler alert, I entered the lottery because… Why not? It’s FREE. [Unlike you, NYC, because like the city you represent nothing is free and everything is just one big giant rip off. You’re lucky your bagels are so damn delicious I’d overlook everything else about you.]

Also, Disney is next month but they’re basically dead to me right now so let’s just ignore them. I’ll get over it and come crawling back to them but for right now I’m morally outraged.

The fun way to look at all of this is that it’s really exciting to be getting into the marathon you want to run, especially if you’re signing up for your first marathon, and planning out your trip with friends and family and being all like “OMG I can’t wait to do this awesome race!!!”

Enjoy it now, friends, because before you know it we’ll be long running in August. Ugh, August. But for now let’s ignore that!

What’s everyone running in the fall?


15 thoughts on “Fall Marathons

  1. As of right now I’m either going to fundraise to do NYC (assuming I don’t get in through the lottery, which face it, no ones does…I’m pretty sure it’s not even real, it’s just a way for them to take your money), otherwise I’ll probably do Hartford or Cape Cod which are both in October.

    As frustrated as I am with a lot of runDisney stuff right now I have to admit there’s a good chance I’ll still do marathon weekend, despite the BS and drama, I really do enjoy the race.

  2. I think I am the only person NOT doing a fall marathon. I still haven’t done one yet (Hello Goofy 2015!) and then depending on my survival I may or may not be entering all these lotteries next year…It’s a pretty long bucket list, a long terrifying, sounds great on paper and then I get to the starting line bucket list.

  3. You know I’m crossing my fingers for NYC but I’m fully aware it’s next to impossible. I’m in the Chicago drawing as well because I loooove Chicago (except their gross idea of pizza) and it’d be a fairly cheap trip for me because my sister is moving there, but I don’t have high hopes for getting in, as I was in the lottery and got denied last year. ANYWAY. My fallback plan is Philly … I had a good time running and got a crazy awesome PR despite being severely undertrained, so I’d be more than happy to do it again. And this year it’s two weeks after Wine & Dine instead of one week after, so I’d be able to actually taper properly…

    • If Philly had been on my birthday instead of the day after I think I would’ve had to sign up for it.

      I’m kinda getting really invested in Chicago, especially since I’ve never been there and the airfare/hotel aren’t bad–I can get a really good rate at a W hotel. did your mom say to you, “Fine! Go to Chicago! THE GUNSHOTS WILL MAKE YOU RUN FASTER!”? ‘Cause when I mentioned it that was my mother’s response.

      • Hahahahahahaha oh god. I think this is one instance where my mom would be in favor of my running a marathon because I’m pretty sure she wants me to move there so she can have both daughters in one city that happens to be only a 4-ish hour drive from her house.

        I got really invested in the Chicago Marathon last year … I took time off of work and everything, then I found out I didn’t get in. I moped for a really long time.

      • At least they don’t charge you to enter the lottery, so there’s something.

        I was informed this weekend after she got a speeding ticket in PA that my mother will no longer drive down to DC to see me, it’s my responsibility to go up there regularly. Preferably every weekend.

      • Ugh, I hear you. My parents are visiting me next month for only the third time ever since I moved to NYC (almost five years ago), but they get mad that I only come to Wisconsin three times a year. Why is the travel burden on me?! They work part-time and have more money!

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