The New York City Marathon drawing happened today, ending the second wave of fall marathon acceptance/rejection emails to go out after Marine Corps. Here’s how I imagine the day went for a lot of people…

Three tabs are open on your browser: the NYRR website (so you can continually refresh to see if they updated this first), your credit card statement, (so you can continually refresh to see if they [naturally] would charge you first) and facebook/twitter (so you can see and monitor how many people are getting in and if there’s a pattern to their acceptance/rejection).

So you’re basically seeing a lot of something that looks like this:Picture 11After some compulsive refreshing you say to yourself, “I’m going to sit down and get some work done and focus on actual important things.” Like how much a hotel room in NYC costs on a Saturday night the first weekend in November. Which kinda gets you to thinking maybe you won’t do this thing after all.

Then you start investigating other things, like how crappy the odds are of you getting in through the non-guaranteed entry lottery.

So then you go check twitter again ’cause you’re pretty sure it seems like everyone in the universe has gotten in and the lottery just started 5 minutes ago. Are they all from Arizona? Is it just me or is everyone who got in from Arizona, you ask yourself.  But hope springs eternal and you’re convinced that they’ll get to you eventually.

After a long, hard day though you finally see that your status has changed and this prompts you to just mutter, “fuck.”Picture 7So you start telling yourself how everyone was right and Mary Wittenberg is probably the world’s most overpaid asshole ever to walk (run?) the face of the earth and NYRR and the NYC marathon can just kiss your ass ’cause you’ve got better things to do that weekend anyway, none of which include spending your morning on godforsaken Staten Island. Then you get angry about how they charged you $11 just to enter the damn lottery in the first place and you’re like, “fuck all of you! I’M GOING TO FIND A MUCH BETTER MARATHON AND YOU CAN KEEP YOUR STUPID FUCKING MARATHON ‘CAUSE I DON’T WANT TO RUN IT. I MEAN SERIOUSLY WHAT HAPPENED TO EVERYONE HATING THIS MARATHON?!”

And then you calm down and you think about it and while you’re a) relieved you don’t have to spend the money for registration you’re also b) still kinda wishing you were going to be running it. So you start to plan for 2015 and if you’re a NYC local, you get ready to do your 9+1 guaranteed entry.


12 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. Honestly, I wasn’t going crazy refreshing and checking because I had already decided I would be ok fundraising…that was until I realized you still had to pay the full NYRR registration fee for the race! I’m disappointed now because I’m just not sure I can get on board with that…

    • It’s an interesting method. On the one hand, it’s something you would be paying for anyway (most likely through a higher fundraising minimum) so it’s kind of like they’re just itemizing a little more.

      On the other, given that most other charity bibs are just a part of the package you get for reaching the fundraising minimum, I can’t quite understand why they would choose not to just include it instead of breaking that out as a separate expense unless NYRR has some kind of strange method going on here.

      • Yeah, I think they should raise the fundraising minimum and include the bib. All fundraising events and programs have costs associated with them and I think they should just factor it in as a cost. I’d gladly donate my $255 to the charity, then I could at least use it as a tax write off and put it towards my fundraising minimum. I’m just not sure how I feel about having to raise that much money just for the opportunity to buy a bib…

  2. 9+1 is the best way to go if you’re local. That’s how I did it and it was nice not having to stress. Good Luck in 2015! (It really is the best marathon, in my opinion.)

  3. I was in the lottery, didn’t get in. I had already decided long before lottery day that I was fine not running, as the race fee alone as an “International” runner is $350…plus the cost of a trip to one of the world’s more expensive cities. That money can go towards a lot of other races, and now i just have to decide if I’ll enter the Chicago lottery…

      • Oh…ummm…er…I knew that! Yay you! Woohoo! In that case my suggestion was for those that DIDN’T get in 😦

        Yay for epic cheering stations! I think I may definitely have to do that for NYCM. And I will be eating pizza and/or bagels while doing so 🙂

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