don’t let your boobs hit you in the face

The occasionally good weather means there’s a dramatic influx of people out running and I’ve noticed one something deeply troubling so far: some of the women who are out running… Well… Ouch.

I don’t mean this to be creepy/pervy, but some of these women their boobs are moving so much I just can’t imagine how they’re able to run like that. I saw one woman out in a low cut, spaghetti strap tank top last week and I swear to God, I thought her boobs were going to smack her in the face that’s how much they were moving around.

sports.brasSports bras are 100% uncomfortable. I have a container filled with sports bras and I don’t think I’ve found one yet that hasn’t made me bleed at least once. Some are great, til you get to the really long runs in the humid summer and then all bets are off–get ready to scream in the shower. It’s entirely possible I’ll have permanent scarring where my bra band falls…

I don’t have a single one that can even be considered in territory adjacent to “flattering”: everything is smashed down and together… It’s not pleasant. But like I tell myself when the nice color of a sneaker doesn’t come in a wide: it’s about function, not style.

There’s the fun when you go shopping and see ones labeled for “high impact” but they only have that rating up to like a C cup so you “double bag” ’em and wear two bras to hold everything nice and secure (did that at marathon weekend).

My current favorite is actually from Moving Comfort: the Fiona. The band chafes the skin right off, but it keeps everything in place and hooks in the back! With adjustable straps! It’s not bad, and quite frankly that’s about as enthusiastic as I’m ever going to get about a bra.

So survey time: anyone run in anything that they find slightly uncomfortable?


32 thoughts on “don’t let your boobs hit you in the face

  1. I’ve been wearing 2 bras since high school. When you are over a D cup, its the only way to keep them in place. I use a cacique cotton no wire bra and a c9 sports bra. The girls stay in place but I still occasionally get the underboob scream in the shower chafe

  2. I haven’t found a sports bra that’s anything but uncomfortable. Add in the heart rate strap to my Garmin and yeah, I think I’m developing a callus under my sports bra uniboob. Super fun.

  3. Ha! I’m with you… I think I’ve developed calluses under my bra line. I’m currently in lululemon’s Energy bra. Found that it’s worth the price tag AND is cute.

  4. I wore Moving Comfort bras until I discovered Lululemon’s Energy Bra. They’re slightly less expensive (go figure…who thought lulu could be cheaper than anything?) and since the band is usually in a fabric casing, I have not had chafing issues.

  5. Oh my gosh, sometimes I feel like I see people running and I think to myself, “do they not know about sports bras??! Should I like tell them?”

    The only bra I’ve fallen in love with so far is Moving Comfort Maia, it has an underwire and sort of a liner part so it’s almost like 2 bras in one…it’s the ONLY thing I will run in!

      • Yeah the Maia does come up a little high, but not too bad (if you look at any of my race pics you can see, it’s just sort of a “layered” look), I don’t mind though if it holds them in place while I’m running! And the only time I had a little bit of chafing was during the 2013 WDW Marathon, but I can’t complain, that was 26.2 miles of insane humidity!

  6. There was a woman I saw in my last half, she was bouncing all over the place. I was like how is even remotely comfortable? But she wasn’t as bad as the woman who was running a 5k and her tank ended up completely under her boobs!
    All of my longer runs are currently in the Victoria’s Secret Incredible Sports bra. Up until this last half it really was incredible, never chafed or moved and still looked cute. The last three miles of last week’s half left some serious chafing just under my arms 😦

  7. YES. I tried Moving Comfort, but I ran my half marathon in one and it left a permanent scar (marathon tattoo!) on my chest. I look like Iron Man, so I guess that’s cool. But I got in the shower and did scream and cry a little bit. It hurt!

    Currently my favorite bra was a $9.88 clearance rack C9 from Target. It’s perfect, never ever given me any problems. It’s just the high impact regular ole’ bra – the one with cup sizes instead of S/M/L. I like when good stuff is cheap! 🙂

  8. I have a few Moving Comfort bras that I like, as well as some from Target that are usually okay. There’s ONE (and I keep forgetting to set it aside) that always chafes the hell out of my back during long runs.

  9. I’ve been wearing the Moving Comfort Maia since I started running and love it. That doesn’t mean it’s not uncomfortable and I’ve totally had some raw places around my band during the summer. It’s better than anything else I’ve tried though.

  10. Sadly (or not) even at my highest weight, my boobs would never be able to reach my chin, much less my face. The good news is that pretty much any kind of running bra will work. They joys of being flat chested!

  11. I think it depends on size. I really like the Under Armour ones that are black and then colour coded for your cup size. I have found those to be rather supportive (and I’m a D cup), but I am intrigued to try Moving Comfort as I have heard good things.

    As for chafing, I once had to get someone to help me pull (well actually rip) out my Lululemon TataTamer out of my back after my first 20 mile run. It had chaffed and bled and sorta scabbed into my back. Brutal and painful. I still have a scar.

  12. I think I part of the reason I hate to go for a run is that post run shower where everything stings like a mother fudger, included in that of course is the area where the sports bra band goes. I swear, anyone who can figure out a sports bra that is actually functional for women running long distances will be an over night billionaire!

  13. If only my boobs were big enough to hit me in the face! Most of my bras are more than slightly uncomfortable. I only have one miracle bra that neither chafes at the band, actually holds me in, doesn’t feel like a torture device and is actually cute too: Oakley Breathe In Bra. I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s like they made it for me. That said, it’s probably not enough support for bustier ladies.

  14. I only run in Enell. No bounce. No chafing. No doubling up on bras.
    It’s the ugliest bra but the most supportive if you are a D or larger.
    I have some Shock Absorbers and the Moving Comfort Jubralee for working out too but the Enell is the winner for me.

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