Dopey runDisney

runDisney-LogorunDisney came to their senses if you will and decided to adjust their packet pick up policy. More specifically, they fixed it so that the policy that was clearly stated on the registration page when you signed up will be the policy you have to abide by for that race. The Avengers 1/2 will be the first time they have the new policy in place. I feel so much better now that they’ve seen the error of their ways. I don’t have to be morally outraged anymore… for now, at least.

I can live with the policy since I always picked up my own packet anyway and now my sister can either decide she wants to spend the vacation days or she just doesn’t run. I’m still running. And now that we’re on speaking terms I can’t wait. This is also why when a certain someone won a trip to Tower of Terror my initial reaction was, “hmm… not so scary Halloween party…” as opposed to “I HATE THOSE PEOPLE. I CANNOT RUN THEIR RACES EVER AGAIN!”

IMG_3077But before I can financially commit to anything, I’ve got to pay for the Dopey Challenge. I’ve been really good at not spending on anything and sticking with my budget. Like a no-spending ninja. I CAN DO THIS. Self-control. Restraint. And when I feel like things are getting a little tight I just sit myself down, close my eyes, and try to smell the Yacht Club lobby. I’m dead serious, I am literally spending pretty close to nothing right now aside from rent and my cable bill.

It’s a little sad when I think about how much I don’t do so I can afford to do this kind of stuff, but honestly I enjoyed it so much last year (or at least, that’s what my mind is telling me now) that I can’t wait!


Who’s in for marathon weekend next January?! Where are you staying?!
[FYI Yacht Club’s going to be where the party is. Just so you know.] AND I’M GETTING REALLY EXCITED.


20 thoughts on “Dopey runDisney

  1. I haven’t decide where I will stay yet. I have my DVC and have enough points for Old Key West for 5 nights. I am thinking that might be my spot. I stayed at Saratoga Springs this past year and it was nice having a mini kitchen.
    I’m doing TOT and staying at Pop Century. I need to decide on W&D. I want to splurge and stay at a hotel near Epcot. I want to be able to at least walk back after the “afterparty”. The last time I did W&D we stayed until 4 am and stayed off property. This year I want the flexibility to go back to the room post race and come back relatively clean to enjoy the food and wine.
    Such decisions……

  2. This is so funny, I was just debating marathon weekend…I keep telling myself I don’t need to do marathon weekend again, but I really do love the full marathon! I think I’ll do Goofy instead of Dopey though since I wasn’t really a fan of the 4 mornings and I could totally take of leave the 5k & 10k.

  3. I wish Dopey was in the cards…but with ToT back to back with my 10 Year European Reunion trip with my Aussie girls in Hawaii two days later, and my commitment to my run club ladies to do Princess I just can’t. Wish I could. I’ve had the hankering to try my hand at the marathon distance again. It’s been almost 4 years. Maybe 2016? 🙂

  4. Going Dopey 2015. Haven’t decided on where we are staying yet, but want a deluxe with a comfortable day bed so right now it’s Polynesian or Contemporary.

  5. I’ve never been to Marathon Weekend before and this year will be my first time. But I’m being a slacker and “only” doing Goofy. I’m also apparently going to miss the party because I’ll be waaaaaaaay over in the Animal Kingdom Lodge 😦

    But I cannot WAIT for Wine & Dine, it wasn’t the race that started it all for me, but it is definitely my “I’m addicted to this thing and doing it every year until they make me stop” race.

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