This is the week that never ends

No, seriously, this is the never ending week. Since Monday I’ve been waking up thinking it’s Friday and having those moments when I’m all excited because I’m thinking, “it’s FRIDAY!” and then the realization hits me and I’m left thinking, “well, fuck.”

I am quite excited for the weekend, though. Ever since I tossed my training schedule and just started running whatever the fuck pace I felt like running, my mood has improved dramatically and I actually feel like running more miles because that combined with the nice weather is basically like I started building my giant ice castle on the mountain from the top of which I’m yelling, “no right no wrong no pace for meeeeeee, I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! fuck it all! fuck it all! I’m running whatever the hell I want! Here I’ll stand, and here I’ll stay, ’til I feel like moving again. And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast, I’m never going back, the plan is in the trash!”

Plus, there are just so many activities this weekend: Yoga on the mall, which I’ve been using my Yoga with Adriene Youtube videos to prep for; volunteering at the Cherry Blossom 10 miler on Sunday (I’ll be at the finish line and plan on wearing bright pink pants and being that person who yells “YOUR WATER BOTTLE ISN’T A SOUVENIR, OPEN IT AND DRINK!” It’ll be just like you’re at Disney); and I’ll have a nice 10 mile long run before my next half marathon on the 13th. I was hoping to do a 5k in Crystal City Virginia but I don’t know if I’ll get out of work early enough to make it.

Despite it being a long week and this is only Thursday, I feel like I’ve learned some important lessons. Mainly, that my lack of confidence comes across in everything I do. This is why I need more Ballet with Jenn: learning to fake it til I make it.

I also learned that generally speaking, I excel in cheering other people on, giving them direction, then sitting back and watching them work. Thursday morning was my first time ever coxing, and I rocked the shit out of it and I didn’t even get to use the awesome headset because it was broken. I prefaced it with, “Just to warn you, I haven’t driven/steered anything in about 10 years, so, you know… I hope you all can swim.” Everyone told me I did awesome, though I’m assuming that’s just because they don’t want to have to do it–but I could see myself volunteering to do it every week and I didn’t do any irreparable damage to the boat and/or any other people out on the river so you know, job well done.

So I leave you with a view of the Jefferson Memorial…


10 thoughts on “This is the week that never ends

  1. You’ve scrapped the sub-2 plan? I’m finding that training plans freak me out too much so I’m just going to run basically whatever in a very loosely structured way for the rest of the year. BUT. I might try to kind of follow Hal Higdon’s Dopey training plan. Because the prospect of Dopey is still frightening me. Unless you have a better suggestion?

    Also I’m running the Scotland 10K on Saturday and I ran seven (slowish) miles this morning because WHAT AM I DOING WHO EVEN KNOWS

    • Yeah, no, the plan is in the trash. Fuck it, I never used one for a half so I’m not starting now.

      You can totally handle the Scotland 10k! You will feel the hills so you’ll know what to expect for the Fitness 1/2. I think Scotland goes clockwise instead of counter-clockwise (if I’m remembering right and the lay it out the same this year) starting on the west side and then heading north, so you’ll do the rolling hills on the west side first, steepest is at the end when you’re almost at 110th street, and then it’s smooth sailing after that ’cause you go down cat hill (which is really more like a gradual incline). YOU CAN DO THAT! YOU CAN MAKE THIS RUN YOUR BITCH! Just remember: once you’re done with the northwest part of the park, the worst is behind you.

      I didn’t use a plan for Dopey (though I had Hal’s on my fridge)–after Marine Corps, I think if I remember correctly I cut back, did some longer runs, and only did 1 actual “dopey simulation” where I ran like 3-5-10-20 on 4 consecutive days. I used his plan for MCM (because marathons still scare the shit out of me) which had back-to-back longish runs, and I usually run 4 consecutive days anyway so to me it was no big deal especially since I knew I wasn’t PRing at WDW.


      • True life: I’ve never done a training run longer than 18 miles before a marathon. I basically work my way up to 18 miles as my long run and then am all like “fuck it, adrenaline and crowd support will carry me for the last 10K.” Which it does.

        I’ve actually only run in Central Park once before and I didn’t even do one complete loop through the park, so I am insanely unfamiliar with the terrain. But yes, the course is set up the way you said, so I’m glad the hills are out of the way in the first half. At my Wisconsin half marathon that I did last year (and am doing again this year), there was the World’s Steepest Hill at mile 10.5 and it was basically the worst thing that ever happened to me.

        I’ve given up all hope of ever PRing at Disney, even when I’m NOT running four days in a row. The conditions there are just the complete opposite of my ideal running conditions. It took basically all my strength to come in under 2:10 for W&D last year, and then I felt nauseated for like three hours afterward. But I’m legit psyched/scared for Dopey because it’ll be testing more than just my speed … IT’LL BE (PAINFULLY) AMAZING

  2. Haha, so I sort of agree with you on the whole training plan thing (as far as time/ pace goes, I’m ok following a milage one). It sort of takes the enjoyment out of running for me. And let’s face it, while it’s nice to run a fast time or PR, I’m not qualifying for the Olympics or anything here so why the heck do I REALLY care how fast I’m running?!?

    Here’s to running whatever the fuck pace we want and yoga on the mall!

  3. Everything comes back to Frozen! As is should! Next time I run and “Let it Go” starts playing, I’m definitely going to sing the remix you’ve created. And I’m with you on the pace thing. Whenever I attempt to follow a training plan, I just follow mileage (kinda sorta in a not really way) I never follow speed. If I feel good, I run faster, if I feel like crap, I run slower. Damn the plan! At least I’m running!

    I don’t really need help steering on a row machine, but if you feel like yelling at someone “rowing” while you’re in NY let me know 🙂

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