That time I tried to be nice

When I signed up to volunteer for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, I had no intention of using the guaranteed entry for next year–for some reason, I’ve never really had a desire to run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, and I had every intention of giving away my guaranteed entry to someone else who wanted to run it. I just thought it would be nice to help out and do the volunteer thing.

So when I got tripped by a runner while trying to find the volunteer tent, and the woman did not stop, did not ask if I was okay as I was face down in the dirt on the mall (FYI no one asked) I started to get ornery. Here I am trying to do something nice for these people, and they don’t even exercise common human decency. Runner community my big fat ass (FYI I think that’s a load bullshit and I always have).

I got to the volunteer tent the email I received on Thursday told me to go to early, 30 minutes before my shift was scheduled to start, because finish line shifts started at 7:45 and I wasn’t told to get there much earlier (hey, I’m not stupid, I pick my spot wisely). So when the woman in the tent with the walkie talkie gave me a lovely, judgmental bitch face when I said I was there sign in (because, you know, the email they sent me told me to go there and there was a sign that said “volunteer sign in” out front) and accompanied that with, “Really? You know you’re really late. What exactly are you supposed to be doing?” I started to bristle a little more. “I’m here for the finish line,” I say, “I was told I start at 7:45.” Bitch face still firmly in place, she says, “Oh, you’re not supposed to sign in here! You have to sign in at the finish line!” I got really bristly at that point.

After going in the direction that she pointed her finger, I found another info tent where the volunteer there said, “Oh, well, I signed it at that one place that said ‘volunteer tent,’ I don’t think there’s another.” So I walked all the way around the start corals (because fyi the race is starting now) and of course at the other info tent I found no one had any idea what I was talking about. Now, getting kind of enraged.

So by 8am, I was 15 minutes late for my shift, my wrist was hurting from my fall, and all I wanted to do was punch someone in the face so I left. I muttered under my breath how much I hate runners, how they’re a disgusting group of animals, and that I will never again do anything to help them and how I missed a relaxing morning of sitting in my nice comfy bed watching Murder, She Wrote for this crap.

I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t spent any time face down in the dirt I would’ve been more inclined to stick around and continue looking for check in but I did so I didn’t and IF I NEVER SEE ANOTHER WOMAN WALKING AROUND IN LULULEMON PANTS I WILL BE SO HAPPY.


16 thoughts on “That time I tried to be nice

  1. Ugh gross. Also I like Lululemon pants. I’M PART OF THE PROBLEM.

    But srsly that is super lame. I made sure to say thanks to all the volunteers at the Scotland Run and I honestly didn’t hear ANYONE ELSE saying anything to anyone. People were nice to me when I volunteered at the NYC Half, though. Maybe people are jerks at smaller races?


      Yeah, I’ve just been having a really bad string of luck lately and that’s making me very bitter angry and just like an overall pissed off. I really should be locked in a room alone and not allowed to speak to anyone.

      • I hear you. Also it’s weird — at least for me — to feel both very connected to the running community and also like I am some strange outcast that got involved with a cult of rude and obsessive people. And it’s never in between; it’s always one extreme or the other. It’s frustrating.

      • I mean, I guess I define it as people who like running and take it relatively seriously, always are training for races, trying new things, have Runner’s World subscriptions, got super upset and scared when Boston happened last year … I mean, there are a lot of parameters and it’s not like you have to check off every box, but that’s the general idea I have. And you’d think that if you found someone who shares your interests and takes them relatively seriously, you’d be excited and supportive. Instead, I’ve met a lot of people that are rude to me because I’m a midpack runner or because I do runDisney races (because they’re not *serious* enough, or something). It’s not like I became a runner to befriend people, either. A lot of times I don’t want to talk to people, but I’m never unfriendly or rude, or at least I try not to be. I actually have the same exact feelings about the online Disney community. If you’ve met other ADULT HUMANS who are even a bit as passionate about going to a theme park as you are, why do you shut people out if they don’t meet your arbitrary standards of not knowing enough about Disney or not staying at the nicest resorts or not having a certain opinion about Animal Kingdom? Like, what the hell? WE’RE ALL FANS DON’T BE A DICK

        Sorry, I’ve totally extrapolated on your original story here but yeah the general theme I’m sticking to is WHY IS EVERYONE SUCH A BAG OF DICKS EVERYONE STOP BEING A DICK

      • When I read “shut people out” I just started singing in my head, “please don’t shut me out again, please don’t slam the door, you don’t have to keep your distance any more!”

        AND YES EXACTLY. I cannot tell you how many people who run make fun of the fact that I enjoy running in Disney World. The eye rolls. It’s like Roz’s cousin.

  2. Oh, this post makes me SO MAD! I am so sorry you had such a bad morning! I actually tried to text you after the race to come find you, but none of my texts were going through. I heard from someone else the volunteer stuff was a little disorganized too and to be honest I don’t blame you for not having a huge desire to run Cherry Blossom…it was really only OK and if you live there and get to run around there all the time (minus the crowds) then what’s the point!

    • I was so annoyed, I read the emails, I follow directions, I like to know where I’m going–and to get there and for no one to know where I even sign in was just not okay! I’d volunteer with Pacers again because they actually organize things really well for volunteers and make it as easy as possible (they take you to happy hour so. yeah.).

      Strongly worded email was sent.

  3. I hate people. I hate people with no common courtesy. I pretty much hate the people you mention in this post. I’m sorry your volunteer experience was like that. People should always be thankful of volunteers, because, HELLO YOU’RE VOLUNTEERING! I’ve notice lately that runners have gotten a little more attitude. The amount of pushing and disregard for fellow runners at the Princess half was nauseating. Anyway, now that I’m all wound up on a Monday, want me to kick anyone’s ass? 🙂

    • I was really surprised by how no one knew where I was supposed to go sign in even though there was a tent for it that said “volunteer sign in” and I go there and everyone looks at me like, “no, you don’t sign in HERE,” as though that’s some kind of ridiculous idea for a volunteer to sign in where it says VOLUNTEER SIGN IN.

  4. Dude, she tripped you and then didn’t even help you? WHO DOES THAT? A woman tripped in front of us during our race this weekend and you can bet your butt that I stopped, offered her my hand and made sure that she was okay before continuing. But I’m nicer than most people, from what I hear. 😉

    I heard that things were a bit of a cluster at the Cherry Blossom this year. Sucks.

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