Positivity is the spice of life

I’m trying really hard to be positive because it ended up being a kinda crappy day and every time I thought about something it was just incredibly negative and kind of a downer. So naturally I came home and put on Frozen and all just seemed right with the world. So nice and relaxing. (Yeah, I still love “Let It Go.”)

Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 9.08.27 PMThe major weekend events that were really fun were: my 10 mile run on Saturday and Yoga on the Mall with Danielle which was also Saturday. FYI, if you want to stand next to someone who can show what you’re supposed to be doing in a yoga scenario, Danielle is a really good option because I found myself thinking, “wait, how do you get your leg there?”

I normally do not like yoga, but this was not only lacking the foot smell, but it was also just really nice out which makes a huge difference from where I’ve normally done a yoga class, which is locked up in a room with no windows and lots of loud breathers. Plus it was also really nice to have fun company, which I’ve never had in a yoga class either and Danielle is lots of fun.

What made the whole endeavor even BETTER, as if that were humanly possible, was that there were CANINES EVERYWHERE. Like right in front of us. People brought their dogs and young children. Generally speaking I think the two were about equal in terms of behavior, but this dog was adorable and eventually I managed to lure him back to my mat and I forgot about down dog and up dog because I was too busy petting the dog. Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 9.08.45 PMHonestly, I was really close to just going up to the woman and saying, “If you want, I will play with your dog while you and your boyfriend do yoga…” Because come on, I think it’s a well documented fact that playing with a dog has the same relaxation benefits as mimicking their moves. ADORABLE.

Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 9.08.14 PMThe 10 mile run was not bad. I made the mistake of changing up my long run route and after realizing how nice it was on Saturday I started the run around 2. The problem was that I ran up Connecticut to the Zoo and the sidewalks were so crowded by that point with large tour groups it was kinda hard to run up/down the sidewalk. This is why when people complain about crowded races I’m less than sympathetic–I put up with crowded conditions all the time–but this was just a huge pain in the ass. Despite this, my pace was good, I felt pretty great, and I’m actually not dreading the race on Sunday! Hey, it’s the little things.

So all in all, Saturday was a really great day and I hope Danielle comes back to visit again soon because she’s positively delightful.


4 thoughts on “Positivity is the spice of life

  1. Haha I went to Yoga with Danielle once and definitely had that same “how are you doing that?” moment. Actually I had a lot of those moments. But Yoga on the mall sounds like it was amazing! And you guys had a gorgeous day for it. But, I don’t know that I wouldn’t have started playing with all the dogs instead. Since I have no puppy of my own, I tend to steal…ummm…”borrow” other people’s whenever I can.

    Glad you had a really great Saturday! And Frozen makes everything better, but you already know that 🙂

  2. Awww, you are so sweet! I had such a good time at yoga on Saturday morning! But where the heck are the pictures of you??! You totally did awesome!

    Honestly, I already keep saying that I want to come back to DC, there is just SO much to do and I had such a great time! I really think I am going to look into coming back down for a long weekend in the next month or two if I can, I’ll definitely let you know if I’m going to so we can get together!

  3. Yoga looks fun! I have never done yoga with Danielle. It would probably make me feel terrible about myself. Probably how my husband feels when he does yoga with me. He’s the only person I know who is less flexible than me. Looks gorgeous on the mall!

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