Shack Track

20140409-084831.jpgLast night I finally got around to going to Shack Track. The runs are the second Tuesday of every month, leaving out of the Pacers in Logan Circle. There’s Shack Track & Field I think wherever there’s a Shake Shack, I know they have them in Miami/New York/Philly, too. The weather was great so even though Jenn couldn’t come I decided to go anyway.

The run started at 7:00, and just before that Pacers put out a van where you could bag check backpacks to pick up at Shake Shack afterwards (they are exceptionally organized). Runs start at Logan Circle and end at the Shake Shack on Connecticut and 18th. None of the announcements I’d seen had a map, and everyone was talking pretty loudly at the start, so I couldn’t hear a damn word he was saying when he was describing the route. There were two options, 3 and 5 miles, both went down 15th street to the mall, but I gathered from what someone else said that the 5 mile option went down to the Lincoln Memorial whereas the 3 mile option just went to Washington before heading back up.

I was picturing slow paced fun run. I was wrong. Like, really, really wrong.

I didn’t actually run with anyone. They started out pretty fast and by mile 3 I was just desperately looking for people in the green Shack Track and Field shirts to figure out where I was going. Finally, I just gave up and took whatever route back I felt like taking. I’m pretty sure I was one of the last people to show up, if not the last because by the time I got my drink they’d packed up the table Shake Shack had put out front with free bottled water and the line for food was insanely long.

After a week of feeling like deadweight shit, this run wasn’t exactly the confidence booster I was hoping for and I didn’t even want a milkshake afterwards! THAT’S RIGHT, I DIDN’T WANT A MILKSHAKE. I got the $10 shack track & field shirt for my sister that came with a “shack track & field” card that means I can have a drink each time I come for Shack Track on the house and instead of the milkshake I opted for the largest diet coke they had. The card meant I could get anything I wanted, including alcoholic drinks like canned champagne and beer and milkshakes, so that’s actually a really good deal. 20140409-084820.jpg

All in all, it wasn’t exactly the triumphant return to group running where I made loads of new friends and had a great time that I was semi-hoping for, but the weather was great, the cherry blossoms are blooming (saw a lot of them along this river this morning), and the free drink at the end was worth it. I’d definitely do it in the future for the free milkshakes, but probably would just choose to run alone and time my arrival at Shake Shack to coincide with the rest of the group since that was what I ended doing anyway (or opt for the 3 mile route instead of 5 and do my extra miles beforehand).

Including running to the store and home from Shake Shack, my run ended up being around 8-ish miles at what is for me a pretty decent pace.



15 thoughts on “Shack Track

  1. Ummm, what?!? This is awesome! Well not that they went way to fast and you pretty much hated it, that’s not awesome, but the fact that they have a running club where you get milkshakes afterwards?!?!

    I got all excited because there is a shakeshack like 15 minutes from my house, but I don’t think they do it at that one : ( Guess, I’ll just have to make my own post-run milkshake!

  2. Free Shake Shack milkshakes after a run? I’m sold! Except they need to make a 1 mile option because if you couldn’t keep up, there is NO way I’m making it back at the same time as the 5 mile people with a 3 mile run.

    Mmmmmm. Milkshakes.

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