Half Marathon Plan

Some people have really good strategies for races, like split times and how they’re going to fuel, go out easy and then negative split.

My plan for the Rutgers Half Marathon can be broken down into two prongs:

First, I’m not really focusing on that fact that I have a half marathon I’m supposed to be doing on Sunday. Instead, I’m focusing on going to a Kosher deli called Fred and Murry’s on Saturday for mushroom barley soup and their crinkle cut fries that are JUST LIKE NATHAN’S FRIES. Like exactly, right down to the small crunchy pieces. So god damn good. This is genuinely what gets me really excited and is actually now a tradition because the same weekend last year I got Katz’s before the Fitness 1/2 Marathon! I’m a total sucker for a square knish.

Second, my pre-race plan is to do something a little different. Namely, the whole ride up to New Brunswick I’m going to play “Let It Go” on a constant loop so that by the time the gun goes off I’m just ready to run to the top of a mountain and build myself a magical ice caste. It’s different because I’ve never done that before a race before, not because I’ve never played Let It Go on a nonstop loop in the car.

Hahaha, you thought I was over Frozen, that’s cute.

What’s everyone’s favorite I have no idea what I’m doing fuck-it-all running plan?


9 thoughts on “Half Marathon Plan

  1. Food as motivation is always a good plan. My plan for the Brooklyn Half is try not to die until I get to mile 10 where you will drag (motivate) my ass the last 3.1 miles…while we sing along to “Let it Go” on constant loop.

    Why would anyone be over Frozen? That’s just silly.

  2. My favorite “fuck all” plan would be the one I executed during my last half marathon – go out fast and just see what happens. Clearly not my smartest plan but it worked.

  3. That kinda sounds like my race plan on Sunday. Well, the “fuck it all, I’m not ready for this, play ‘Let It Go’ a bunch of times” part. I didn’t really have a food plan. Maybe I’ll go to Katz’s afterward in your honor.

    God, I hope I’m a lot more prepared for Brooklyn next month. (I probably won’t be.)

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