Sister Blister or that time I bought hemorrhoid cream

Blisters are a fact of life. If you run, you’ve probably had some pretty painful blisters. For the most part, when I run with my toe socks, I’m pretty good and during the summer months I’m basically covered in Vaseline because it’s the only way I’m ever going to be able to keep any layers of skin. The thing about foot blisters is that it makes it really hard to run when you have them and since I’ll take any excuse I can find to not run, I pretty much have to find an immediate solution.

After asking in a facebook group about blister help after the fact when my preventative work hasn’t prevented the inevitable, someone suggested something really strange that worked really, really well. Preparation H.

That’s right, hemorrhoid cream. For blisters. Yup.

I was really skeptical at the time but I had a giant blister because apparently there was a lot of nonsense going on with my no nonsense socks (yes, the socks, they say no nonsense on the top and my mom buys them for me at the supermarket so no, they are not ideal for running). I was desperate. I bought a generic CVS brand and used self checkout because I didn’t want to be seen and judged buying hemorrhoid cream. I put just a little bit on the blister and holy shit it actually worked. The blister shriveled up and I was able to run pain free.

So thank you, hemorrhoid cream. I pulled it out of the medicine shoebox this morning and put it on my blistered finger after rowing and I already feel better and it’s almost completely gone.

What things do you use in the nonconventional sense that really actually work quite well?


6 thoughts on “Sister Blister or that time I bought hemorrhoid cream

  1. I will have to try this – I mean, not like I have any laying around…but now I have an excuse to buy it without having to avert my eyes in shame at the checkout counter. Not that I’ve ever done that…

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