Training Survey!

I’m looking around and trying to think about fall training plans. I kind of feel like Niles when he and Frasier go to La Porte D’Argent and he says he’s going to get the aromatherapy Swedish massage, also known as the Hal Higdom plans I’ve always followed for the marathon (no, really, for marathons I legitimately follow the plan) and Frasier tells him to be a man, look at the bounty of options available, so he changes his mind to rose hip salt glow. There are a bounty of training plans out there, maybe I should try something different this time.


how do I get back to the finish line?

Over the course of the WDW marathon in 2013 and then the Marine Corps Marathon in 2013, I followed Hal Higdon’s plans. First time around, I did his Novice 1 plan and second time for the Marine Corps Marathon I did his Intermediate 1 plan, which I found to be good prep for Dopey since I was running 5 days a week and doing two mid-distance runs in addition to my long weekend run.

Going into the next marathon training season, I’m thinking I’d like 4-5 days a week with some crosstraining built in since I would like to continue rowing. I also max out at about 8 miles on a weeknight. I just don’t have the time to dedicate on a weeknight and do other things like relax, eat dinner, and go to sleep. All things I desperately need after work. Plus, what I dislike about the Galloway plans are the really long long runs on the weekends. I’m not doing 26 miles before I get to the marathon, there, I said it, I’m a lazy runner.

I’m curious to know, though, what other plans/options are out there? What are people using? Do you build your own? Do you get it from anyone in particular? Does it depend on the distance?


23 thoughts on “Training Survey!

  1. If I were planning on doing a full this fall, I would build my own and I tend to do it with my dad’s advice as he was really into running before his knees became an issue. He always advises one easy day, one hard day, repeat. So your hard days would consist of one day of speed/hills, one day tempo and one day of longer distances with two days of junk/easy runs. Arguably that would fit with a five day work run plan.

    As for the distances, start at 10 for the longer run and slowly building over the weeks to 20 or 22 miles. I would do 7 mile tempos and maybe 4-5 miles of speed work/hills. Junk/easy days would be 4-6 miles….depending on how you feel. Hope this helps you, Nicole! 🙂

  2. For my first 2 marathons I used the Jeff Galloway plans posted on the runDisney site sort of as a template but made a few adjustments to fit my schedule. I think I am going to use the Run Less, Run Faster plan for my fall marathons though, I really like that it’s only 3 runs a week and incorporates cross training. As much as I like running and racing, my body does best with only 3-4 runs a week so this sounds perfect like it’ll be good for me.

  3. The Galloway plans worry me, just because I think the more longer runs you do, the more opportunity for injury. You can always follow the plan but only go up to 20 or 22 miles.

  4. I agree with Danielle. I’ve only done the Run Less, Run Faster plan so far for a half marathon, but I really liked it (and even somewhat followed it!) For the Goofy, I’m trying to combined the RLRF marathon plan with the Galloway Goofy plan instead of solely Galloway because I also don’t like the idea of running 26 miles BEFORE the marathon. I also like how the RLRF has intervals and breaks up the tempo workouts so it distracts me running better (oh, I only have to survive 1/2 mile until I do something else!)

      • I completely understand that, but when I follow it, I ignore the times it tells me I should run (my 5K pace is similar to my half marathon pace so how the hell am I going to get faster using that as a base?!?!) So basically, I just run as fast I want/can push myself to…which means on 90 degree 150% humidity days, you run as fast as your body tells you can…but I really don’t know much about running fast, so I don’t know.

  5. Honestly I have no advice to give about training plans because I never follow them and right now I am worried about this shin pain I am having because I like to freak out about stress fractures BUT ALL THE THUMBS UP FOR THE FRASIER REFERENCE

    “I’m pleased to report that he follows the rules of La Porte d’Argent to the letter!”

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