Nike 1/2 or “No Sleep ’til Brooklyn”

I really like the Nike 1/2 marathon because it’s convenient. I live in DC without a car and typically on the weekends Metro doesn’t open early enough for me to get to races and sometimes the expos are incredibly inconvenient to get to out of town during the week when I have to be at this place called work (looking at you, Navy-Air Force half marathon).

This year’s Nike 1/2 was just as convenient and on top of that I think they really improved the course. There were a lot more high school and college bands out than last year, so it felt like the entertainment and crowds came at a good clip and it had a nice overall energy. It was really reminiscent of the Marine Corps Marathon, just with a lot more women. The downside is that by the end, despite the fact that I had dramatically dropped my bobbing and weaving around people and I was still 2 tenths of mile over 13.1 again. The other highlight was the amazing woman who was signing the national anthem. She was having a really good time up there, it was like I could hear her singing. For America.

In a strange way, I did in fact PR, just not in the half marathon. Surprise! I’m pretty sure I hit my fastest recorded 10k. In the first half. If you are wondering, yes, that is as bad of an idea as it sounds. I managed to keep it together up until mile 9 and then just cruised for the remainder of the race. I did accomplish what I vowed to do at the end of the Rutgers Half, though, which is that I did not give up and completely throw in the towel, and that resulted in being only 1 minute behind my still standing PR from last year’s Nike Half. Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 5.17.21 PM

Plus they had Shalane Flanagan there to award the winner and… well… It’s hard to be disappointed about not going under 2 hours when, you know, you could’ve just gotten your ass kicking in Boston televised a few days ago. Awkward.

Alas, there were no delicious smoothies this year. Whole Foods should not be responsible for post race food. Their bags of food were absolutely terrible, and I was left thinking “what is this garbage?” Fortunately, Astro Doughnuts was a short walk from the finish line so I got something I actually wouldn’t mind eating and I did enjoy filling up water bottle they gave us with nuun. It was nice to have an easy bottle that I didn’t have to twist the cap on and off so I could drink it and not worry about dropping my doughnuts. TAKE A NOTE, RUNDISNEY.Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 4.48.09 PM

As for the Tiffany necklace, I suspect it will meet the same fate that last year’s met: getting donated to Medals 4 Mettle. I showed a picture of it to my co-worker when I was showing her my Disney medals (you know, reel ’em in) and she said, “Yeah, I could see you wanting to wear the giant Mickey Mouse spinning head on a ribbon on a regular basis as opposed to this small, tasteful, silver Tiffany necklace.” She totally gets me. Anyway, I haven’t even looked at it yet or opened the box, that’s how disinterested I am in it. Anyone want it?

Leaving Nike, I am really excited for the next two weeks of runs. I’m going to focus on longer runs for endurance, maybe up my strength training a bit because as the Beastie Boys say… NO SLEEP ‘TIL BROOKLYN. And dammit, I’m going to go out and try to PR again.


15 thoughts on “Nike 1/2 or “No Sleep ’til Brooklyn”

  1. So…aside from being very curious about a place that specializes in doughnuts and fried chicken…let’s get back to that in a minute.
    I’m thinking the blogosphere needs to get together and create a page called, “Take note, runDisney.” I’m seeing that phrase an awful lot where people are calling them out on where they’ve been taking shortcuts. I like that other people are seeing it. It isn’t just me being bitchy.
    I saw the Tiffany design on a few FB posts. It’s kind of underwhelming for as much play as they get. The box sure looks pretty, though!
    Now…doughnuts and fried chicken?????

    • No, it is NOT you being bitchy! It’s runDisney being crappy and lackluster.

      It’s apparently a DC thing, there are a couple of places that serve fried chicken and doughnuts. Apparently that’s become kind of like our local cuisine? Astro doughnuts makes a delicious creme brulee with a creme brulee kind of creme filling and then they brulee the glaze on the doughnut. It’s pretty amazing.

  2. Awesome job! If you were able to keep up a PR pace till mile 9 you’re SO close! Only 1 minute off of a half marathon PR is great!

    And I agree about the necklace…I doubt it’s something I’d ever wear. Good call on donating it though! I’ve been thinking about donating some of my medals since I feel like they’re really not something I need – just extra weight when I move!

  3. Way to kick ass and take names! Congrats on the new 10K PR! And you definitely have that new PR in you…in Brooklyn…which means we will now have to sing “Let it Go” after the race in celebration of your new PR 🙂

    But, you do of course realize that no smoothies means I have to destroy Nike!

  4. You’re too funny. I didn’t even know that smoothies were an option! I mean, now I’m glad I didn’t know. BUT CHOCOLATE MILK.

  5. If no one’s claimed it, I will gladly take it off of your hands! I’m a huge fan of the designer and it would be nice to have a back up 🙂

    Hope to see you in BK!

  6. I wasn’t aware that you get a Tiffany necklace instead of a medal for this and I’M GLAD I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WOULD TOTALLY PREFER A GIANT MEDAL, PREFERABLY A SPINNER ONE WITH MICKEY ON IT.


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