Lessons Learned: Nike Half Marathon 2014

20140421-091047.jpgI firmly believe in the veracity of the fortunes in fortune cookies and I’m not just saying that because I eat so much Chinese food when I’m home in NJ that I can pick and choose my relevant fortune for a wide variety of options (there’s nothing I love more than the crunchy string beans from a place in Princeton. Nothing.). I got one after Rutgers that said, “The benefit of repeating your mistakes is you will know when to cringe.” I hung on to it and put it in my wallet as a reminder so that when Nike rolled around I didn’t fuck shit up again and behold, things were not in fact as bad as they were during Rutgers. This learning thing, it has its benefits.

Spring race warning: ALLERGIES. Rutgers, I subsequently learned, fell on a day when the pollen count was insane. I’m not saying that that was the reason my half marathon went so poorly or that that was the reason my head felt like it was going to explode as opposed to not drinking much of anything the day before, but hey, I’m also really sure it didn’t help me. This time, the allergies were held at bay and the weather was really nice but warming up. So I won that round, allergens.

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 5.12.53 PMDrink water and save the fries for after the race. I did. I hydrated like a boss on Saturday. Meaning I drank more than one diet coke in a restaurant the day before to wash down my super salty fries and soup. I didn’t eat crap the day before, either. I returned to my favorite pre-race meal: spaghetti and squash and it was delicious and my tummy was really, really happy about the choice.

Fastest mile probably shouldn’t be the first one. This one I failed on. I went out and did something like an 8:30 mile which is not sustainable for me at all. So yeah, I failed on that one.

Don’t just give up. Here I actually got my shit together. I was falling behind, my quads felt incredibly tired and I knew I wasn’t going to go under 2 hours but I kept on trucking. I just kept telling myself to keep moving and I ended up shutting off my Garmin around mile 11 and just going whatever I could. I said hi to my running group at their water stop, I high fived, I had a good time but didn’t give up. I’m really happier about this more than anything else.

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 4.48.29 PMChafing. Work on that. I didn’t chafe as badly this time. When I put pants on afterward, my raw skin didn’t quite stick to the fabric and result is a painful tearing feeling when I tried to separate the two. Unfortunately, I wore a short sleeved shirt and now I suffer from arm chafing big time. I also still had some thigh chafing which is uncomfortable but manageable.

Next day: Get right back out there. Since I have a half marathon the day after the Brooklyn half, I figure I have to get myself back out there even if it’s just for a nice, easy, short run. I didn’t end up running, but I rowed this morning and by the end of the last all out rowing drill my legs were just killing me.

For next time… I think I’m going to just keep seeing how long I can push it and how far I can do for how long.


6 thoughts on “Lessons Learned: Nike Half Marathon 2014

      • I used to never have problems with the arm sleeves but we have been having some colder mornings so I have been wearing the sleeves longer. Anything past 8 miles starts to get a little rough. But I bought some smoother ones and this race was no where near as bad as my half in March.

  1. Chafing and subsequent sticking is the WORST EVERRRRR. Seriously. Before I ran I don’t think I realized the severity of chafing. Geez.

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